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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 77 - Chapter 12

Check out part 77 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Samael: So the Charred Council sends only one Horseman, even to the past. No, this visit is unsanctioned. In fact, no one knows you're here.

Death: Not a soul. Now hand over the key, it can be our little secret.

Samael: Pitiful. Flawed castings from a perfect mold. Absalom was always stronger than the rest of you.

Death: You'll find me strong enough, Samael!

Samael: Yes. You have overcome many obstacles to stand here before me. But sometimes, the hero dies in the end. Ask your brother.

Death: Will you surrender the key, or must I take it?

Samael: Horseman. You already know the answer. Stay down, Horseman.

Interesting. Perhaps you'll succeed after all. Either way, it will be quite a show.

Death: I have the key, Crowfather.

Crowfather: Then at last, you may enter the Well of Souls. But once undertaken, there is no returning on this path.

Death: I've come this far, Crowfather. I'm not turning back.

Crowfather: Then be warned, rider of death. A dark presence guards the Well, and the seeds of corruption writhe within.

Death: The Well is corrupted?

Crowfather: Yes. But not the nameless kind you have faced thus far. No, Corruption has chosen a champion, a voice to sound its clarion call.

Death: Then I will see this finished, here and now.

Crowfather: Remember what you have learned, rider. Corruption is the end of all things, even death.

Death: The tree, the keys, the Well -- why do I get the sense you are testing me?

Crowfather: You test yourself, old friend. For what you've done, for what you had to do. And now, you face the ultimate test. Will you bring death, or give life?

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