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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 1 - Hit and Run

Meet Dan and Big Bo in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Man: Orders from the International Robotics Technology Association Executive Office. 42 hours ago the IRTA council approved Rust Crew deployment to enter Japan covertly and investigate reports of Amada corporations development of human-like robots. Your orders are to enter the Tokyo base seawall and infiltrate the lower city slums. Rendezvous with the other international squads and head for Amada. This is a covert operation without the awareness or consent of the Japanese government. You may engage local forces in combat, but IRTA will disavow any involvement. Good luck, and God speed.

Big Bo: Hey Marshall. Welcome to Japan, brother.

Dan: That's my welcome? Your ugly ass? Where's all my dancing geisha girls?

Big Bo: You ain't seen what I'm wearing under this wet suit.

Dan: Is it lace?

Big Bo: Yo Dan, let's go over the communications system. Use your radio if you want to respond or say something to me. Well, understand how to use your radio now? Good answer. Keep it up. Next, let's go over our gear, handling weapons, and battle techniques. You can skip this if you don't need it. So do you want to go over your gear and stuff or not? You know this stuff already. All right, let's move out. Yo, I was wondering, what are your plans after this is all done? You're a bit of a player. Vacation, chicks, tropics? Yeah, I knew it. Same as it ever was. Well, better get this job done quick, then. Why'd we gotta execute the operation in this shitty weather? All right, let's go. We should get in touch with HQ, too.

Dan: Beetle Two to base.

HQ: Loud and clear, Beetle Two. Line is secured, tracking locked. Current position 35 degrees, 6356 seconds by 139 degrees, 7724 seconds.

Dan: Thanks, Major. Now how about in English.

HQ: You're nearing the target infiltration point, smart ass. It's less than a klick ahead of you.

Dan: Yeah, we're approaching now. Shouldn't be a problem.

HQ: Remember, once you're inside the seawall, maintain radio silence. We'll cut this link once you're through. Any famous last words?

Big Bo: Yeah. Tell your momma I loved her.

HQ: I heard that Boateng. Base out.

Dan: Bo.

Big Bo: What?

Dan: Damn it. Busted already. Got a visual on six. No, seven. They're flanking us.

Big Bo: Major, we're under attack. How about some ground support?

HQ: This is what we pay you for, Boateng. Just get to that rendezvous point.

Dan: You were expecting anything different?

Big Bo: Not since they started calling me The Survivor. Worst day of my life.

Dan: Hey, it wasn't my idea. Move out! You ready?

Big Bo: Dan, those things are bad news if they get too close. Stop them by shooting their legs. Bingo! You've got it, Dan. Now put it away for good. Now aim for their heads! They can't tell friends from foe after a solid head shot. Go on, blow their metallic brains out! Nice! You all right, Dan? You need my help? Don't be reckless, you got me? I thought you said there were only seven scrap-heads out here?

Dan: Relax! It's nothing we can't handle.

Big Bo: Get the lead out! Get the lead out! Hey Dan, this shit's in the way. Do something about it. Can't fire that bad boy if you ain't go no power. Gotta charge up somehow. You need... That's what I'm talking about. Now we can move forward. That bad boy's crazy powerful, but it takes energy to fire so don't go shooting it off like crazy. Save it for when you really need it. Dan, a Surveillance Bot at 12! Careful now, it will call reinforcements if it spots us. What? It's onto us! Destroy that Surveillance Bot before we're shit deep in enemy reinforcements! Whoa! Where did that come from? You were saying?

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