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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 2 - Break Through Security

Break through security to reach the slums in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: You were saying?

Dan: Shit! That's a Grand Lancer! We don't have the firepower to take that down!

Big Bo: That's all I needed to hear. Run! Come on, hustle! No stopping! Hammer through him! Shit! Don't these assholes ever give up?

HQ: You're almost at the seawall, Beetle Two. Cutting comms now.

Big Bo: Roger that, base. Go on, I'll cover you.

Dan: Age before beauty, my friend.

Big Bo: Everyone's a damn comedian. Apparently, the sea gate's going to open to let the tanker in. Then we could hitch a ride. We have to time this perfect or we're shit out of luck. Go for a fast grab. Ready? Man, the place is crawling with Surveillance Bots. We're dead meat if they spot us. Okay, here's the plan. We move forward stealth like, hiding in the shadows. Got Surveillance Bots! Dan, take cover under water. Guess we bit off more than we could chew. We dodged a bullet there. Now we've got to hurry. Make up for lost time. Over here, bro! What do you say? Good exercise, huh? Get in shape, save the world. We've got our priorities straight. Man, they just don't give up! They'll spot us if we come up now. Sit tight a little longer. Let's go! The gate's open! Come here! I mean now! Man, they just don't give up! Grab onto the tanker! Quick! Easy, huh? Now we just chill out. Hold on tight, bro. Okay, job done. Hope it's a touch more chill on the flip side. Got my doubts, though. Now that's how you do it. Piece of cake. Still, that was a little too flashy for a top secret op. Dan, time for the wire gun. All right, think of these as our express elevators. Take aim! All right, let's not waste time getting through here.

Aw, hey, is it my birthday or something? Listen up, issuing tactical commands is the key to busting out of here. So, you want to go over how it's done? All right, let's go over it. All right, time for the first command. I want you to say "Fire!" now. Got it! Reloading! In the future, you've just go to say "Fire!" and it's done, baby. Okay, fun stuff now. Try yelling, "Charge!" at the top of your voice. Wow, never have thought of that. On it! But in the future, a charge order means you want to get up close and quick. You know, have a bit of concern for your boy. Last tactic you gotta know is regroup. Try it. Got it! We need to regroup when you need your team by your side. Handy when we get split up. Remember that. There are a bunch of other commands, too, but you'll learn them as you go along. I see the guests are still arriving. Shame they brought guns instead of gifts. Dan, grenade them! You see that? You see that? Let's mow them down! No problemo. Take that! Dan, that elevator's our ticket. All right, give that button a push, brother. That wasn't a very warm welcome. Guess this one's all business and no pleasure.

Get the lead out! Oh, hey, check this out. An ammo transit supply terminal, huh? Looks like we can spend our credits here. Dan, give this thing a shot.

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