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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 3 - Nice and Easy

Take it nice and easy in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Hey, looks like it works after all. There's probably more of these things around. Keep your eyes peeled.

[Foreign language]

Big Bo: Too damn quiet here. Keep your eyes peeled. Shit! I knew it! Dan, watch out for that machine gun fire! Dan, aim for the gas cylinder! You got it! Dig in your heels, man! Don't back down! Don't worry, Joe, I know! You see that? Gotcha, bro! Damn it!

Yo, Dan, leave some for the rest of us! We got the bonus situation to think about. Hey, don't mean I want to do all the work. Shit! A dead end? Ain't there some way we can get past here? What the hell's that? Some kind of control panel? I get it! We can use it as a bridge to the other side! That's it, brother. Keep it up. Leave the enemies to me. You focus on that crane. You all right, Dan? You need my help? Got it! Hang on! You trying to get yourself killed? You trying to kill me or what? Shit! There's no end to this! Nice work! Let's get over to the other side. Let's mow them down!

All right, no sign of more scrapheads. So no rush brother. We've got time to catch our breath. We're definitely headed the right way. Be out of this place soon, and then time for the main event. You ready to party? Feels good to be working together again. Hard to believe we're both still alive after all this time. But I've got a hunch we'll get through this one, too. You feel me? That's my boy! Let's move out. You take point, brother. Gotcha, bro! Take this! Danny-boy! A freaking star, man! Reloading! Yo, watch out! Got a mean looking customer here! Just keep coming. Like taking candy from a baby. Reloading! Like taking candy from a baby. Man, they just don't give up! Youch! Goddamnit!

Enemy: Fire!

Big Bo: All right! Take this!

Enemy: Fire!

Big Bo: How you like that? Hang on, brother. They got a lot of eyeballs out there. What do you say? Blitz them? Got it. Let's just take it nice and easy for now.

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