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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 4 - Grand Lancer

Alter your big plan in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Shit! There's no end to this! Danny-boy! A freaking star, man! Gotcha, bro! Reloading! Looks like we'll just have to open this big ass gate. It will only open if we pull these levers together, all right? Let's pull. We've got company, and it's not looking friendly.

Dan: Gate's closing, but it's pretty slow.

Big Bo: Let's make a stand and keep them suckers out! Reloading! That was close. You've got to be kidding me. Do we got anything at all that will damage this thing? First things first, take cover! Shit, this is bad. Gotta do something! Yes! In your face! Now's our chance! Get through that door, quick! Not good, the bastard's trying to get back up! Now's our chance, get through that... Okay, we. Shit! There's no end to this!

Enemy: Fire!

Big Bo: A dead end? You gotta be kidding me. Here he comes! Let him have it!

Dominic: What in the world did you do to me?

Bodyguard: Uh, sir?

Bergen: I don't know who this man is!

Robot: Drop your weapon. This is your first warning.

Dominic: All those years, nothing but lies!

Robot: Drop your weapon. This is your second and final warning.

Dominic: Why? Why? Why you son of a bitch?

Bergen: What?

Dominic: Why?

General: Externally indistinguishable from humans. When in God's name did robotics get this advanced?

Man: The tech to build a robot skinned in a living layer of cells has been around for some time now. It's just been illegal.

Bergen: It's much more than that, gentleman. The AI is particularly fascinating. Far beyond our products here at Bergen. We can barely even analyze its neural structure.

General: Well now Mr. Bergen this is ridiculous. You are supposed to have the most advanced R&D in the world, and now you're telling us that someone is just a teensy bit ahead of you?

Bergen: Only because we haven't been allowed to venture into that potentially lucrative area, General. Perhaps if this government hadn't given in and signed the New Geneva Convention, the United States would be producing such robots already.

President: We're a God fearing country, Mr. Bergen, and only he may create life.

Bergen: Mr. President, this isn't life. Convincing as it may be, it's still a robot. We call them Hollow Children.

President: If it's indistinguishable from humans, where does the machine end and life begin?

General: This is philosophical bullshit. There are only two things that matter now. Number one, if you did not make this thing, then who did? And number two, why did it come after you?

President: What do we know about this Hollow Child?

Man: It was granted a green card 30 years ago under the name Dominic Berry.

General: 30 years? Jesus H. Christ!

Man: If not for yesterday's events, we may never have found out it existed. We're now certain there are more living among us in America.

General: Now that's insane.

Man: Not really, General.

General: Now just what in the hell do you think you're doing?

Man: You see, it would appear that Hollow Children actually believe they're human.

General: Well this is bullshit. I'm no god damn!

Bergen: Mr. President, I can think of only one man with the knowledge and resources to build this robot.

Man: Doctor Yoji Amada, a recognized genius in the field of AI and founder of Amada, Japan's largest robotics corporation.

President: You don't sound too sure.

Man: Sir, this photograph his 40 years old. Amada hasn't been seen in public since.

President: Well that's crazy, he'd be 80 years old by now.

Man: The Amada corporation is in league with Japan's New Order.

President: I read about them. Isolationists. Self-sufficiency. That's right?

Man: Yes, sir, and they wield a lot of influence over the Ministry of Homeland Affairs.

President: And you really think they're behind this infiltration?

Bergen: Besides myself, Amada is the only man I know who's capable of this.

President: All right. Get me the IRTA in Geneva.

Big Bo: There's our way out, man!

Dan: Yeah.

Big Bo: What a plan, right?

Dan: Right.

Big Bo: This part of your big plan, too?

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