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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 5 - Seawall

Get to the rendezvous point through the slums in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: What a plan huh, right?

Big Bo: Right. This part of your big plan too?

Dan: Oh, what the hell is that?

Major: Base to Beetle Two, we reestablished the com, do you read?

Big Bo: Loud and clear, Major, but make it fast.

Major: We have detected multiple rapid and intense heat signatures near the sea wall. Looks like a large scale battle.

Dan: And?

Major: Well, radio chatter indicates that the Ministry is trying to flush out the Resistance.

Big Bo: That's all fascinating Major, but we got a situation over here.

Dan: No!

Big Bo: No!

Major: The point is stay on the sea wall for a while. Right now outside the wall it's crawling with security.

Dan: Now he tells us.

Big Bo: Thanks for nothing, Major.

Dan: So much for our covert op.

Big Bo: Take them out! Oh! Talk about a close one! Dan, watch out for those pipes! I'm falling on a slide! I ever tell you I hate thrill rides? We are going to stop. This is the last time I listen to HQ. Isn't this over yet? This day just sucks. Who's that, man? Shit! Looks like we've lost... Oh, that don't look good.

Dan: Go for it! Hey, you all right? Anything broken?

Big Bo: Just my inner peace. Let's keep moving. Yo, Dan, hide! So this is the Resistance HQ was talking about. Damn! Of all the shit to stumble into. Man this ain't fair. We ain't part of no resistance.

Dan: Maybe they're flushing out illegal aliens too.

Big Bo: We got to do something. Dan, I'll distract the enemy with a decoy while you unload on them. Got it? Leave it to me! Damn, bombarded! Shit, now I've got to distract myself. Am I good or am I good? You owe me, brother.

Major: Space to Beetle 3, do you read?

Big Bo: Kind of busy here, Major.

Dan: Ship rats. Oh, never better. Where the hell is our rendezvous point?

Major: Keep going in that direction. You're almost there.

Big Bo: Roger that. Dan, check it out. They just keep coming and coming. Asshole, could of at least bring a six pack with him. Danny boy! A freaking star man! Like taking candy from a baby. Man, they just don't give up! That's not too shabby. Dan, you got some real skills, man. That's what we need. Keep it up. Come on, let's go. I'm looking forward to you showing me you're not all talk. Don't let me down brother. Better watch out for an enemy ambush. Sniper, take cover! Look, a sniper rifle! Use it! Return fire! I'll act as decoy while you take those snipers out. Take out those snipers! My life's in your hands, brother! Here goes nothing. Sniper at 9:00. Sniper at 3:00. Dan, what are you, nuts? Damn it, man! The enemy's cracked in two tough it out! Danny boy! A freaking star, man.

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