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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 6 - Weapon Scavengers

Meet young entrepreneurs in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Guess we bit off more than we could chew. Got you, bro! How you like that? Yo, rendezvous point ain't far now. Finally get to meet our new British friend. Phillips said the guys ex-MI6. A real agent, not some pencil pusher. So watch your back, all right? Yeah, that's what I'm saying, multinational units sounds all fine and dandy, but everyone's got their own agendas. And that includes us. You and me brother, we trust each other and nobody else. It is what it is. Woah, listen to me. We getting old, brother. Stop me if I'm boring you. Thanks, brother, but you don't have to get all soft on me. All right, enough chatter. Let's get busy.

Dan: Another greeting party.

Big Bo: So let's say hello. I didn't sign up for this shit. Suck that, bitches! Man, they just keep coming and coming! Guess the bastards never heard the word, overkill! Shock troopers! Watch out! Hey! What are you trying to do? Guess we bit off more than we could chew. Shit, they've got us pinned down! Dan, I'll take care of the machine gun. Use your shield to draw their fire. That's just what I wanted to hear! All right! Perfect! Let's mow them down! Danny-Boy! A freaking star, man! Get the lead out.

Dan: No, they're human!

Big Bo: And how in the hell can you tell that?

Dan: How in the hell can't you? Look at them. Just kids.

Big Bo: Weapons scavengers. Never seen them start this young.

Man: Nice guns, I could get a lot of money for those. Why don't you hand them over?

Dan: Kid, it's two on one. And these guns are way bigger than yours.

Big Bo: So much for two on one.

Dan: Yeah, you know killing kids isn't my idea of fun.

Man: Drop them now!

Big Bo: They ain't green. Reckon they want to light us up.

Dan: I wonder what their parents would be thinking of them now.

Man: Hey! I said drop your weapons! Are you deaf?

Dan: Guess it wasn't quite finished. Happens sometimes with scrap-heads. I've seen a lot of good soldiers taken out like that. Now, you were saying about our guns?

Man: Nah, I figure we owe you one now. So I've changed my mind.

Big Bo: Well, how about that?

Dan: Pretty dangerous work for kids.

Man: We do what we have to. The Resistance pays good money for these scrap-head weapons. Food on the table, you know?

Dan: You should find a new line of work for these kids. Seems like most of them have forgotten how to smile.

Man: Like any of us has a choice? Look around you, Yankee Man! No future!

Big Bo: Come on, Dan. Ain't nothing we can do.

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