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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 7 - Rendezvous

Meet Charlie, Rachael and Faye in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Come on Dan. Ain't nothing we can do. Get the lead out! Damn, look at this place. Anyone attacks now, we're going to look like bugger patties. All part of the thrill, right, brother? You got some cojones. But all you got to do is look up. This whole joint's looking to come down on our heads any time. Telling you man, live around here long enough and we'd all wind up looking like them kids back there. No hope, no future. How'd it all end up this way, man?

Dan: Base, where's that rondy?

Base: Should be at your 2:00. Look for a flashlight.

Big Bo: Over there!

Dan: Man needs new batteries.

Big Bo: It's Morse Code. I ain't seen that in years.

Dan: What's next? Smoke signals?

Big Bo: Whoa, we got company! Let's give them a warm welcome. They're in the air too? This is bullshit! I got the aerial units. Going to blast them out of the sky!

Dan: I didn't sign up for this shit.

Big Bo: Yeah, I'm fine bro, this ain't nothing.

Dan: Regroup!

Big Bo: No can do! Freaking asshole! Yeah, I'm fine bro, this ain't nothing. All right, that takes care of the aerial threat. Like that? We ain't no pushovers, bitches! All right, that takes care of the aerial threat. Like that? We ain't no pushovers, bitches! Let's finish this! Aw, shit! Don't this boy ever get tired?

Dan: Shut up and jump!

Big Bo: That scraphead is really starting to bug me.

Rachael: Fire in the hole!

Big Bo: Shit!

[foreign language]

Dan: Everybody alive? Holler if you're dead!

Charlie: You know, it's funny but my briefing said this was to be a covert operation. Come on.

Dan: What can I say? I like to make an entrance. So, you must be Charlie.

Charlie: It's Commander Charles Gregory to you, thanks. British division.

Dan: Yeah, ex-MI6, right? I kind of guessed that.

Charlie: Is that supposed to be me? Yeah, we all are. This is Lieutenant Rachael Townsend.

Rachael: Hmm.

Dan: Sergeant Dan Marshall, ex-special forces.

Big Bo: Sergeant Roy Boateng, ditto.

Charlie: So, I'm to babysit the two of you then, yeah? Think you can stay out of trouble in the future?

Dan: What can I say? They started it.

Base: Base to Beetle 1.

Charlie: Loud and clear, base.

Base: Sorry to burden you with my clowns.

Charlie: No disrespect intended, sir, but you Yanks do tend to make a lot of noise. You know what I mean?

Base: Not all of us, Gregory. Just those two.

Dan: So, where's everybody else?

Charlie: Well, the French are already inside the city.

Big Bo: They said there'd be a Chinese squad too.

Dan: File photo doesn't do her justice.

Big Bo: She looks familiar. Reminds me of an actress or someone.

Dan: Come on, Bo. You know the only movies you watch are porn. Oh, yeah. Right with the... Hey, watch this. Excuse me. Hi, I'm Dan. And that is my partner, Bo.

Big Bo: Ni hao.

Dan: Uh, the strong and silent type, huh? I like that in a woman.

Charlie: Maybe if you pair learnt some manners, she might not be so silent.

Dan: Rough with the smooth, man. So this is all China sent, huh, just one woman?

Faye: I am First Lieutenant Faye Lee of the People's Liberation Army. My two subordinates were killed by security robots on the way here.

Big Bo: Aw, shit. Listen, we didn't mean no disrespect.

Faye: Hard to believe you're the one they call the 'survivor'.

Dan: Appearances can be deceiving.

Big Bo: He ain't that special, just real lucky.

Charlie: Ah, luck. Well, that's good because we could all do with a bit of luck. Because the Japs consider anyone without official ID as an "invading hostile." So we're all in the crosshairs.

Rachael: Speaking of...Sir, we'd better get moving.

Charlie: All right. Beetle 1 to Base. Now moving to first contact rendezvous.

Base: Roger that. Base out.

Charlie: Got some local help in the Shibuya flood zone. It's this way.

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