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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 8 - Yearn for Refuge

Behold a late title card in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: The 21st century started off pretty bad and it only got worse. Sea levels rose, the climate went to hell. Three quarters of the major cities around the world were flooded, ruined and uninhabitable. Local and national authorities rebuilt upward, above the water line.
Whole new cities, using the old as foundations and leaving the lower layers, the flood layers, to rot and decay. But a lot of people had already died as the world collapsed. Who was going to build these incredible new structures? Robots, I call them scrap-heads, but then I've never been a fan. Not that anyone cares what I think. Fact is, we needed robot labor like never before.
One company rose to dominate the market, Bergen Advanced Robotics Technology from the U.S.A. Bergen has a 95% share of the global robotics industry. Of course, they didn't get there without ruffling a few feathers. Most famously, the Amada Corporation in Japan sued Bergen for stealing it's technology. But by then Bergen was already huge and Amada lost it's case. That was the last obstacle between Bergen and world domination. Thanks to them, the U.S.A. is now the global superpower. In 2040 AD, the world's remaining economic concerns ratified the Geneva Convention. One of the most controversial parts of it was Clause 21, which banned research into robots that could pass for humans or "Hollow Children", as the media called them. 40 years later, a Hollow Child attacked Bergen's headquarters in the U.S.A.
He didn't just fool humans, he seemed to have no idea he was a robot himself. I'm Sergeant Dan Marshall. I work for the IRTA, International Robotics Technology Association, out of Geneva. The IRTA set up a global task-force called "Rust Crews" to deal with breeches of the convention, especially Clause 21. We've got full support from the U.S. military , which is where I used to work anyway.
Some things never change. That's how me and my partner Bo ended up in Japan. Because the U.S. suspects the Hollow Child who turned up in America was made by Yoji Amada, legendary robotics genius and the founder of the Amada Corporation. We're here to arrest Amada and take him to Geneva, at any cost. That means we get to knock out any scrap-heads that try to stop us along the way. I sure hope they try.

Charlie: Right. We split into two teams from here onwards. One at the front, one bringing up the rear. At least one team makes it through should the worst happen.

Dan: Well, I don't like hanging back so I'll take point.

Charlie: Might I remind you that I'm in command here. Not that I expect pulling rank would benefit your attitude. So, who do you fancy for your team, Sergeant? All right, you go ahead. Radio us when you reach the contact location.

Dan: No problem. What if we run into scrap-heads?

Charlie: Shoot them. That's what you Yanks are best at, isn't it?

Dan: You know, Charlie. Maybe I could get to like you after all.

Big Bo: Yo, Dan-o, check it out. That sweet thing there, what a dynamite bod. You're in agreement, I'm I right? Huh, that so? I could've sworn she'd toot your horn, Dan-o.

Faye: I'm sure we'd all be considerably more comfortable if you'd get by without the chitchat. Focus on the mission please. We're in enemy territory. Don't forget that.

Big Bo: Scary stuff. Swarms of surveillance bots? Getting mean around here. We go right through there. Look sharp. The robots are clumped together. With numbers like that, wouldn't it be faster just to blitz them? All right, let's rock the house!

Faye: Hold it you two. That's crazy!

Big Bo: Let's go! Got you, bro!

Faye: Roger that!

Big Bo: Son of a bitch!

Faye: That'll do. That'll show them!

Big Bo: Shit! There's a sniper. Take cover! Man, they just don't give up!

Faye: I'm absolutely speechless.

Big Bo: Charlie! Come in!

Charlie: Charlie here. What's your situation?

Big Bo: Enemy reinforcements keep coming! We'll have to wipe them out before we can get to the contact!

Charlie: Roger that.

Big Bo: Looking good.

Faye: Wait! There's something coming! There it is, a Grand Lancer. Everyone take cover!

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