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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 9 - Shibuya Slums

Impress Faye by defeating a Grand Lancer in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: Everyone take cover! Our guns can't penetrate it's armor though. We're history if we don't think of something. It worked. The shot stunned it!

Big Bo: Look at that! The armor peeled off! Focus your fire there. Bet you could do some serious damage!

Faye: Dan, up there! You should use that power cable.

Big Bo: Okay. Let's use it to shock the mother!

Faye: Shoot the cable down on my mark! Now! Dan, shoot it down!

Big Bo: Yeah. Faye! You okay?

Faye: I'm okay. I can handle this.

Big Bo: Shit! There's no end to this!

Faye: Impressive! Another amazing feat by the Survivor. Focus your fire where the armor's gone! That should do some damage! This will take all day if we don't do something. HQ, do you read?

Base: Base here. No need to shout. I read you loud and clear.

Faye: We need some intel on Grand Lancers. Is there any way to stop one?

Base: I think I can help. Our intelligence office just sent some data on that model.

Faye: Well, we're waiting. What did you find out?

Base: It seems it's drive system's in it's head. Destroy that and you stop it dead in it's tracks.

Faye: You don't say? But how would you suggest we go about doing that?

Base: I'll leave the details up to you. Good luck.

Faye: He says it like it's so easy. Well, you heard him. Aim for it's head! Take out it's drive system. Hmm, what if someone jumped onto it from the roof? Dan, you're the man for the job. We'll lure it over to the building. Just make sure you time your jump right. Let's see what you got, soldier boy. Stand by on the roof.

Big Bo: Nice, you're hurting it good! Now, Dan. Jump!

Faye: Nice! Hang on tight!

Big Bo: The enemy's cracking too. Tough it out!

Faye: This is it, Dan. You have to hang in there! We're almost there. Hang in there! We're almost there. Hang in there!

Big Bo: Dan! Don't get thrown, man. Hang on! Dan, you okay, man?

Faye: Let's try that again, soldier boy. Back up to the roof! Keep moving. That took longer than I thought it would. But if we can't handle combat down here in the slums, we're already in over our heads. The Upper City's going to be much more dangerous. I didn't expect the mission to be this tough, did you , Dan? I guess that's why they cal you the Survivor. And I hope that's not just talk. Good. Then I'll be counting on you. You've got a big mouth but you look like you can back it up.

Big Bo: Yo, check out the teacher's pet. Pat on the head for you, brother.

Faye: That's enough. We don't want to keep Charlie's contact waiting. The rendezvous with our contact is past this shutter. Let's get going.

Dan: This must be it. This is Dan, we're at the location.

Charlie: Copy that. Wait for us. We'll join you there.

Barkeep: Why do people like you always make so much noise?

Charlie: Bit of an occupational hazard, that is. We're here to see Mifune. Tell him Charlie's here.

Barkeep: Never heard of you, never heard of him. Can't help you.

Robot: Your order please.

Barkeep: One of my regulars did a number on him.

Dan: You're going to fix him?

Barkeep: What's the point? He'll get bashed in again.

Dan: Nice to know you're appreciated, huh?

Barkeep: Look, I don't want any trouble. Just trying to make a living here.

Faye: I'll take a beer.

Barkeep: Well, shit, pretty lady. All you had to do was ask. Ah, sushi's on the house.

Faye: Thank you. So now maybe you can tell us, where's Mifune-san?

Barkeep: I told you, I never heard of him.

Charlie: Oi. Look, mate. We don't have time to piss about. Where is Mifune?!

Dan: He's here.

Charlie: What?

Dan: He's watching us through this scrap-head.

Mifune: Not bad, Yankee man. Don't blame the barkeep. He didn't know.

Charlie: Mifune? What the bloody hell is this?

Mifune: Change of plans. Head for the Underground Mall. I'll have someone meet you there.

Charlie: Unbelievable!

Mifune: What's your name, Yankee man?

Dan: Dan. Why?

Mifune: I've got my eye on you, Dan.

Barkeep: See? Waste of money.

Charlie: Right. I've set coordinates to the objective. Let's go.

Barkeep: Do me a favor and use the back door. You people don't exactly blend in around here.

Big Bo: Thanks brother.

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