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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 10 - Rotary

Head for the Shibuya Underground Mall in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Major: Base to Beetle 2. Our intel says Mifune is a smuggler. Specializes in weapons and technology banned in Japan.

Dan: Sounds typical. That all you got?

Major: Afraid so. "Mifune" isn't even his real name. All we've got to go on is his rep.

Charlie: Don't sweat the details, Base. Just leave it to me.

Ma: You know something I don't, Gregory?

Charlie: I don't know, Major. Do you have extensive operational experience dealing with underworld crooks?

Major: Just be careful, all of you. Base out.

Big Bo: You're right. I'm liking this more and more.

Charlie: All right, let's go. Mifune is waiting.

Rachael: Charlie, what is this place?

Charlie: Some form of supply depo by the looks of it. Rather rundown though.

Rachael: No, this door doesn't look like it will open.

Dan: Hey, come look at this.

Charlie: This service robot still has some battery charge left.

Service robot: Welcome. Thank you for coming. Do you require our charging service?

Charlie: Fill that tank there with fuel. And see that you top it off.

Service robot: As you wish.

Charlie: Hey, there's a transport!

Service robot: Charging has completed. Thank you for your patronage.

Charlie: Right. I'll move the fuel tank. Keep an eye out for hostiles. Excellent! Far better than I expected. Never surrender! Right, the fuel tank's in position. All ready! Dan, take out the fuel tank! Well done! Let's roll, people. Our intel says Mifune is under the station. Let's head over there.

Rachael: Understood!

Dan: Got it.

Rachael: Yes!

Charlie: Hold on a second. You've got to be joking.

Dan: Oh, man. Let the good times roll.

Rachael: You call this a good time?

Dan: Open fire! Shit!

Charlie: Run!

Rachael: Move it! This way!

Charlie: Team! Fall back to the alley! Shit! A bloody great spider! I didn't see that coming! Seems like the Ministry of Homeland Affairs is stepping things up. From here on, security can only get tighter. Well, I'm glad you understand. USA, Britain, China, whoever, none of that matters while we're on this mission. We're a Rust Crew and we have to support each other. So I'm counting on you in particular, Sergeant. They do call you the Survivor for a reason, right? Is the right answer. Good. All right, let's go. And avoid fighting that monstrosity if possible. Got it? If only we always agreed so easily. It would seem there's only one way we can go now. And that would be up into this building.

[Foreign language]

Charlie: We can get out onto the rooftop.

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