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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 11 - Rooftops

Get to the Underground Mall via the rooftops in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charles: We can get out onto the roof top.

Dan: Right. It looks like we can get to the station via the roof tops. Move out! Zone coverage. We'll watch the right. You mind the left. You're covering the left zone! That was fast. Good work. Reloading.

Charles: Bloody hell!

Robot: Take that. Take that.

Rachel: This is even a bit much for me.

Dan: Take that.

Rachel: Nicely done back there, Dan. That was something to see. You going to keep bringing the awesome? That's what I thought. I'm counting on you, survivor.

Charles: Over here!

Dan: Fire. Take this.

Rachel: You can count on me.

Dan: Say no more.

Rachel: Yes! Child's play. Dan, are you all right? Do you need my help? Right away, hold on. This is even a bit much for me.

Dan: Never surrender!

Rachel: Just a bit more to go.

Dan: Take this.

Charles: Absolutely brilliant Sergeant. The detectives coordinates lie ahead. Dan, get that shutter open.

Dan: Incoming! Everyone accounted for?

Charles: Bloody hell. One false move and were dead.

Dan: What now?

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