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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 12 - Spider

Defeat a giant robot spider in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charles: Everyone accounted for? Blood hell! One false move and we're dead. What now?

HQ: This is HQ, come in.

Rachel: That leg is useless now. Looks like we stopped it. Now's our chance.

Charles: Look! A massive drive system on it's belly! We must destroy it! A targeting laser. We're in trouble if it locks on! Dan! It's targeting you! Take cover, quick! Shit! Missiles! Everyone, back off! Never surrender!

Rachel: This is even a bit nuts for me!

Charles: Reloading! A targeting laser. We're in trouble if it locks on!

Rachel: Dan! It's got you targeted! Take cover, hurry! Incoming missile! Look Dan, they have some good stuff. Right, we're going to take those supplies.

Charles: Rachel! Get away from there! You'll be crushed!

Rachel: Ahh, a targeting system!

Charles: Shit! It's targeting me. All right! That should keep it immobilized for good!

Rachel: Wait a second! It's still moving?

Charles: We've got to do something quickly!

Rachel: Is there no end to these bastards? Dan, are you all right? Do you need my help? Right away! Hold on! Don't push yourself too hard.

Charles: Sargent, are you all right? Do you need assistance? Coming over! Don't die! Rachel, are you all right?

Rachel: I'm fine. It'll take more than this to kill me.

Charles: You look like you could use a holiday!

Rachel: Put more effort into it!

Charles: Take this! We've got to do something quickly!

Rachel: You holding up, Charlie?

Charles: It takes more than this to hold me down.

Rachel: I mucked that up. Need some help!

Charles: Rachel! My medical supply kits gone.

Rachel? Ha ha, too easy!

Dan: Ah, everybody alive? Holler if you're dead!

Fayel: Everybody all right?

Charles: Whew! Looks like we got out of that unscathed.

Rachel: I can't see a thing! This spiders a pain till the end.

Big Bo: Shit! I hope I never go up against one of these things again.

Faye: Dan?

Dan: What is it?

Faye: Something moving in the smoke.

Dan: Ah, Goddamned scrap-heads never know when to give up.

Big Bo: Okay, ready? Go!

Faye: Contact!

Charles: Huh!

Yuki: Never seen anyone beat a spider before.

Dan: Oh what? That thing? That was nothing. Right?

Faye: Ah, yeah, bring it on. the bigger the better.

Charles: Look, kids. You shouldn't be hanging about. We're here on business. Got it? It could be dangerous. Sod off!

Yuki: We've been waiting here for hours and that's all the thanks we get?

Charles: Sorry?

Yuki: Your business is our business, tough guy. I'm here to take you to Mifune. So follow me.

Charles: Did she he just call me tough guy?

Dan: I think she did.

Faye: Come on tough guy.

Charles: A bunch of bloody kids.

Yuki: Which one of you is Charlie? So you must be Dan, the smart one? Welcome to Shibuya I'm Yuki.

Faye: Aren't you a little young to be running errands for a gangster?

Yuki: I'm 15.

Dan: Don't mind her. She's just a farm girl from the paddy fields.She doesn't get out to the big city much.

Faye: Screw you, yankee dog.

Big Bo: So, this is what? Some kind of black market?

Yuki: Kind of. You can get anything you want down here.

Big Bo: So I see.

Yuki: Including crabs.

Dan: So what! Doesn't the government care about any of this?

Yuki: The Ministry of Homeland Affairs sends security robots down here sometimes, but they only really care about the Upper City. As far as they're concerned, we can starve down here.

Dan: And I'm guessing the feelings mutual, huh?

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