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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 13 - Shibuya Underground

Do some shopping at the black market in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Girl: The Ministry of Homeland Affairs sends security robots around here sometimes but they only really care about the upper city. As far as they're concerned, we can starve down here.

Dan: And I'm guessing the feelings mutual, huh?

Girl: This way!

Charles: Don, wait!

Don: What is it?

Charles: Take a look at this.

Don: This is none of our business. Let's go. That's!

Charles: Yeah, a hollow child. According to the kids, he was buried under the rubble we left when we took down that spider. Dan!

Dan: Hey scrap head, over here!

Hollow child I don't want to die.

Dan: You won't. Only humans can die.

Hollow child: What am I?

Dan: A hollow child. That's what we call you.

Charles: You've been programed to think you're human. But you're not.

Charles: Intervening in that was rash. The last thing we need is more attention from the cops and Yakuza.

Dan: Maybe. But it makes me wonder.

Charles: What?

Dan: How many more hollow children are walking among us? Come on, Mefoney's [SP] waiting for us.

Charles: Right.

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