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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 14 - Mifune's Room

Nagoshi-ate jetski prices in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Man 1: It's not like I've never seen a guy shot to death. But a robot committing suicide? Now that's a first. Never even heard of such a thing.

Yuki: Wow, Dan! You're really an awesome soldier. I'm surprised. And on closer inspection, you're kind of cute. Listen, you can be my boyfriend. Want to go out with me?

Oh, is that so? Oh, wait. Maybe you have a girlfriend already. Is it that girl with the black hair?

Faye: Sorry to disappoint, not at all true.

Yuki: Really? I was just thinking she looks like your type. Mifune's expecting you. You ready?

Then let's go.

Man 2: Hey Yuki, you here for Mifune?

Yuki: Yep. Got some people he wants to meet.

Man 2: Strange-looking group. Okay, door's opening.

Yuki: Hey Mifune. Found them for you.

Mifune: Welcome to Shibuya, my friends. I apologize for the sudden change in plans. Yankee. English, Chinese. You must be a Rust Crew.

Charlie: I don't know what you're talking about, mate. I'm MI6.

Mifune: Ah, like James Bond.

Charlie: Who?

Dan: An old movie guy. Sounds like Mr. Mifune here is into the classics.

Charlie: Right. I didn't come here to chat. That's five million. That's a deposit. You get the rest when we're done.

Mifune: I hope you're not expecting a receipt.

Charlie: Why, Mifune? That would imply that I don't trust you. Come on then, we haven't got all day. What's the safest way into the Upper City?

Mifune: You have Japanese ID?

Roy: No ID, no documents, no evidence we were ever here. You dig?

Mifune: Then there is no safe way in.

Charlie: Okay, then what's the least dangerous way in?

Mifune: Ah, well. That's a different question. The subway station under this building closed when Old Tokyo flooded. But when they built the Upper City's drainage system, they followed the same line. All you have to do is follow it.

Charlie: What, are we suposed to swim up there?

Mifune: Of course not, MI6 man. That's what the jet skis are for.

Charlie: Ah, well, that's all right then.

Mifune: Which I will sell to you for five million apiece.

Charlie: Five million?

Dan: You know you're not the only one who likes old movies. You're just an old-school Yakuzza crook, aren't you?

Mifune: It's how I do business. You shouldn't waste time. Your French contact is waiting for you.and you can have that information for free.

Charlie: Oh, you're too generous, Mifune.

Mifune: It's a fault I have to live with. Yuki, show them to the subway. Safe journey.

Charlie: Jumped-up prick. Really had a laugh back there, didn't he?

Roy: Stiff upper lip, old boy. Pip-pip!

Dan: What is it?

Roy: I thought you said they didn't bother you?

Yuki: Normally, they don't.

Dan: It's us. They know we're here.

Charlie: Okay. Is there any way to the subway without going through the market?

Yuki: No.

Dan: Then we'll just have to fight our way through. Two teams, one watching the rearguard. Everybody ready?

Yuki: Let's go. Follow me.

Charlie: Dan, team up with Yuki. She will guide you to the subway. Don't let anything happen to her, understand?

Yuki: This way!

Sorry but I'll leave the shooting to you.

Charlie: Good job, Dan. We'll keep going with the rest of them. Dammit, this is their idea of a safe route? I've had it up to here with the Yakuza. Never again. And just for the record, this screw-up is not my fault. Mifune was the only contact we could use. So don't go blaming this mess on me, all right?

So, let's put this behind us and move on. We need those jet skis in the subway.

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