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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 15 - Jet Ski

Infiltrate the Upper City through the sewer in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charlie: The battle's ours if we keep this up!

Faye: Looking good.

Charlie: Reloading!

Charlie: Stay focused! Almost done!

Faye: Let's finish them off quickly.

Charlie: Oi! Are you trying to kill me?

Yung: They're here, Dan! Do your thing!

Faye: This isn't looking good.

Charlie: You're really trying to kill me, aren't you? Take this!

Faye: This isn't looking good. Way to go, Dan. That's how it's done. Glad you're here, I guess. Guess they don't call you the survivor for nothing. Okay, keep up the good work and let's go.

Yung: The jet skis are past here. There's a little trick to opening this door. Just hang on a second.

Charlie: Heads up! Hostiles incoming! Dan, with me. Get over here! Hurry! Reloading!

Man: Reloading!

Charlie: Bloody hell! Robotic bastards!

Yung: But I think it's almost there! It's done! The door's open!

Charlie: We're done. Dan, pull back.

Yung: There's your jet skis. You're on your own from here!

Dan: Wait, what about you?

Yung: Don't worry about me. Good luck! Sayonara!

Faye: That girl is something else.

Charlie: Can we save the benedictions until after we escape? Thank you so much!

Faye: Come on! Hurry!

Dan: All right!

Faye: This place is really something else, but is it actually possible to get to the upper levels from here?

Charlie: I'm painfully aware of your doubts, but we have no choice but to keep going.

Faye: Gun it! This is great! Totally worth it! Don't they ever give up? What's the plan?

Charlie: Don't stop! We'll break through their ranks! Good job! Maintain top speed! Prepare for lift off! Hope I don't catch a cold.

Faye: Damn it! What are the odds of surviving this one?

Charlie: Watch out!

Faye: They're opening fire! Let's blast our way out of here!

Charlie: I never imagined they'd send something like this after us!

Faye: Look out for mines, people! This isn't looking good! We are dead if we stop. Just keep running!

Charlie: They're not holding back anymore. They must really like us.

Faye: It's coming down! Look out!

Charlie: Prepare to fly! Charge! Dead end. Everybody off the skis.

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