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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 16 - Iron Raptor

Take out the Iron Raptor in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charlie: Dead end! Everybody off the skis!

Faye: There! See that sewage plant, Dan? It connects to the Upper City via a drainage system. It looks like we can get up that way. Let's go..
They're not going to cut us any slack. This is bad!

Charlie: Right. Let's take cover so we can work out a plan. Follow me!
Dan! There's a Stinger here! Come immediately!

Faye: We're almost there! Hang in there!

Charlie: Dan! What's the hold up?! Get over here now!
Dan! What's the hold up?! Get over here now!

Faye: Dan! What are you doing?! Get over here!

Charlie: Listen, Dan. Here's the plan. You use the Stinger to shoot down the gunship. Good! Go!
Listen, Dan. That unit is flying on four engines. Destroy them all, and it should come right down.

Faye: Dan, look! They have some pretty good stuff. Let's go get our hands on some of those supplies! Don't give up yet.

Charlie: Bloody bastards!

Faye: This is it, Dan! You have to hang in there!

Charlie: Face it!

Faye: That's right! Now take out the rest of the engines!

Charlie: Racick!
Chop! Chop!

Faye: Try this on for size.

Charlie: never surrender!

Faye: This better be good!

Charlie: Fire!

Faye: It's having an effect! Just two more engines now!
Let's blast our way out of here!
Reload it!
This is bad. We better do something.

Charlie: Right there!

Faye: Now, Dan! Take it down! Get that last engine!
The enemy's faltering! Hang in there!
Dan, check you out!

Charlie: We're almost done [inaudible 00:07:01]!

Faye: We're history, unless we do something fast!

Charlie: Never surrender!

Faye: The enemy's faltering! Hang in there!
Let's blast our way out of here!

Charlie: Got it on the left wing!
We're almost done! Dig in!

Faye: This isn't looking good.

Charlie: Robotic bastards!

Faye: Yes!
Don't give up yet!

Charlie: All right! That should keep it immobilized for good.
Our tactics prevailed. Whew! Bigger isn't always better when it comes to weaponry.

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