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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 17 - West 1 Treatment Tank

Find the elevator to the Upper City in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charlie: Our tactics prevailed. Bigger is always better when it comes to weaponry.

Faye: I wasn't sure we could pull it off. Not bad.

Charlie: Let's go. Well, it seems this is our only choice.

Big Bo: You all right?

Dan: So how do we get past these doors. Do we ram them?

Charlie: There's no need for that. Rachael?

Rachael: Fire in the hole.

Dan: Oh shit!

Big Bo: I hate when she does that.

Charlie: We can still get to the Upper City from here, ready? There should be an elevator to get us up.

Big Bo: Should be. Man, I hope it ain't stairs.

Charlie: Trust me, it's there. All right, everybody stay alert. We rendezvous there. Got it?

Big Bo: Sure.

Charlie: Get moving. See you there.

Big Bo: Man, we really got to go through this? Smells like shit, literally.

Rachael: Well no surprise there. It is a sewage facility after all.

Big Bo: Well I'm going to hurl if we don't get through here quick.

Rachael: Something doesn't feel right. Are we walking into an ambush?

Big Bo: Relax! This is a goddamn cake walk.

Rachael: Wait! We're not alone.

Big Bo: Take that!

Rachael: Hey! Watch it!

Big Bo: Fire!

Rachael: Careful now, these guys explode. Don't go in alone. Remain calm and work with the team.

Big Bo: That was sweet!

Rachael: This is even a bit much for me.

Big Bo: You see that?

Rachael: You're really something special.

Big Bo: Take that!

Rachael: Hey! Watch it!

Big Bo: Man, that all of them? Goddamn pain in the ass. All right, let's get up this ladder. Where are we?

Rachael: A massive holding tank that's not in use right now.

Big Bo: Yeah? That's why it's all damp and slimy?

Rachael: Dan, stop slacking off in the middle of a fight. I can't always save your ass if things get hot. Got it? Then get with it. None of us has the luxury of letting our guard down. I'm counting on you, survivor.

Dan: This must be the elevator.

Big Bo: Got to say I was expecting more security.

Dan: Yeah, maybe we owe Mifune one.

Big Bo: Like he'd lift a finger if he didn't have to.

Charlie: This is Charlie! We've engaged the enemy and they have us pinned down!

Dan: Copy! What's your twenty?

Charlie: Some kind of sewage plant. There are rows of large columns.

Dan: I'm on my way.

Charlie: Hurry! They just keep coming!

Dan: You go on ahead. I'm going back for the others.

Big Bo: Are you crazy? We got to keep moving.

Dan: Look you're the advance team now. Just go.

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