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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 18 - Sewer Rescue

Rescue the team members in the sewer facility in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: You go on ahead. I'm going back for the others.

Big Bo: Are you crazy? We've got to keep moving!

Dan: Look, you're the advance team now. Just go!

Faye: This is not good! They have us cornered!

Charlie: Wait, did we just get locked in?! We can't get it opened?!

Faye: Is that water?

Charlie: The dirty bastards turned the pump system on!

Faye: No use waiting here. Let's get as high as we can.

Charlie: Am I glad to see you, Dan. We seem to have gotten ourselves trapped. We'll drown unless you do something! There has to be a control system somewhere. Find it, stop the water! The water's reaching a critical level but it still won't stop.

Faye: Are you telling me there's no way out?!

Charlie: Can't we do something about this?! Shit!

Faye: This isn't looking good! No use staying here. Climb up higher!

Charlie: We're at the top! Bloody hell!

Computer: The emergency drainage system has been activated. Switching from fill mode to drain mode. Drainage now complete. Disengaging tank lock.

Faye: He shut if off? Ah, we are not going to drown but I might still have a heart attack.

Dan: This is Dan. Mission accomplished. Heading back your way.

Rachael: You're amazing, Dan. They don't call you the Survivor for nothing. We made it safely to the Upper City. We'll wait for you here.

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