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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 20 - Bad Ground

Meet the French Rust Crew in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: Ah, don't panic folks. We're here just inspecting the emergency escape route. All okay?

Faye: Ah, yes. Sure. Everything checks out.

Dan: Ha, ha, ha. Outstanding! Yeah.

Charles: Back in my school days, I use to sit out on cafe terraces like this with a good book and read all day. How about you Dan? You like to read? Say if I had to shoot a man in the eye from a hundred paces, everything useful I ever learnt came from a book. First item on the agenda once this missions over is get back to my studies.

Faye: Look at this place. And these people, so swanky. But you're not interested in fashion and things like that. Right? Oh, is that so? I'd love to see your civvies. I doubt I'd be impressed though.

Man: Something stinks! Is it you?

Woman; What? You smell terrible.

Woman 2: She's right. What is wrong with you? Stay away from me or I'll complain to the staff. I can't...

Rachel: Look at this place compared to those slums. Hard to believe we're in the same country. Mind you, I suppose England isn't much different, inequalities global. Wherever you go in the world, you always find the poor driven out and marginalized. Robots are free to go about as they please while people starve down in the slums. But when they try to do something about it, they get labeled as terrorists. Hardly fair. You say that but you can't deny there's something wrong with how the world works these days. Still with the planet half flooded like it is, I guess there isn't much time for kindness.

Big Bo: Man, getting here was a major pain in the ass. Just look at them. Drinking their tea in the God Damned lap of luxury. Really pisses me off. Yo Dan. How bout we let off a shot? Probably scare them shitless. Ha, ha, ha. You actually would I bet. Tempting. But I say we keep a low profile for now.

Man 2: Why are you dressed like that? And those guns, are they real? Could I take a look? What's the big deal? i like this kind of stuff. Don't' worry, I won't tell anyone. It will be our little secret. I just want a peak.

Charles: And the French unit should be here soon. We'll wait here or do you think we should get moving? Hum, thought you'd say that. Do you hear that?

Big Bo: What the hell just happened?

Charles: I'm not sure.

Faye: The French? Even if they said they were waiting for us here.

Dan: Ah, I guess that's them right now.

Charles: Christ! Am I the only one who understands the word covert!

Driver: Don't just stand there mesa me. Hurry! Get in! [Inaudible 00:06:32] Hurry! Hurry!

So, you must be John?

Charles: What the hell did you do to get the cops after you?

Driver: A minor complication, but our rendezvous was still a success.

Dan: A certain value of success, sure.

Driver: Cain!

Cain: Wi Misère?

Dan: You let a scrap head drive?

Faye: And you call him Cain?

Cain: I am a combat model madameozell. Line number CN7. Cain is, how you say, a little joke.

Driver: Less chatter, the police are gaining!

Cain: Increasing speed.

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