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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 21 - Car Chase

Defeat your pursuers in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Jean: Less chatter! The police are gaining!

Cain: Increasing speed.

Charlie: The Japanese police never give up, do they? I'm impressed. Dan! Enemy ahead!

Cain: Fasten your seat belts, [foreign language].

Faye: He's got a screw loose!

Dan: Are you sure about this, uh?

Cain: Cain, monsieur.

Dan: Whoa! Eyes front! Eyes front! You can look now. We made it.

Cain: Chance of collision was only 62%.

Dan: Only?!

Faye: We should have walked.

Rachael: They're surrounding us! What we'll we do?!

Cain: Hold on, monsieur!

Big Bo: Whoa! Better hand on tight people! Don't stop yo! Keep flooring it!

Charlie: Dan! They're above us!

Big Bo: A roadblock! What now?!

Cain: Our best option would be to break through it.

Charlie: Sounds good to me.

Big Bo: Nine lives ain't even enough to survive this.

Faye: I think we've lost them for now.

Charlie: No. They're not the kind to give up that easy. See what I mean?!

Faye: Damn! They don't know when to give up.

[foreign language]

Charlie: Dan! Enemy dead ahead! Look sharp! They have an RPG launcher! Look out! Get out of the way!

Rachael: These buggers really mean business.

Charlie: We'll just have to grin and bear it a bit longer!

Faye: This is bad. We won't last much longer.

Rachael: There must be something we can do!

Cain: Luckily we still have a way. There is a route underneath.

Big Bo: So you mean we're going to jump it?! You tripping, tin man!

Cain: Here we go. Please take caution.

Jean: Merde! Mobile guns!

Faye: Cain, get is out of here. Now!

Dan: Too late!

Big Bo: The French guy's down.

Dan: Dammit!

Charlie: Go! Go!

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