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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 22 - Highway

Cover the advance team in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: Go! Go! Oh man that's a lot of scrap-heads. They're packing heavy artillery.

Cain: That is not heavy, monsieur.

Dan: What?

Cain: This is heavy!

Dan: Oh. Bravo.

Charlie: All right, we split up. One team moves ahead, the other holds off the rest of these scrap-heads.

Dan: Good idea. I'll take care of these guys. All right, go! Let me know when you have a rendezvous location.

Charlie: Roger that! Cover us!

Dan: Maintain heavy fire! We can't let them pass!

Faye: This isn't looking good. Dan, we'll take out the enemies on the right. Watch the left, please. The enemies on the left are yours. Let's do it! Where did that come from? Don't give up yet! They're almost there. Hang in there! That was quick. Nicely done. This is it, Dan. You have to hang in there!

Charlie: This is Charlie. Check the coordinates for the rendezvous point I just sent.

Faye: Okay, we'll head right there. Dan, I'll take care of this. You move ahead. I'll meet up with you once I'm done here. Let's blast our way out of here!

Cain: Is there no end?

Faye: Fire! This is bad. You'd better do something. This isn't looking good.

Cain: Reloading!

Faye: I'd say it's going in our favor. I'd say it's going in our favor. Dan, check you out!

Cain: Excellent work as always, monsieur! Your skill is incomparable! Are you able to maintain this level of performance? Understood! Then I shall do my best to continue providing backup in that regard. Let us go! I will do so!

Faye: I'm on it!

Cain: Affirmative!

Faye: Roger that! Fire!

Cain: Yes, sir!

Faye: I'm on it!

Cain: You must not shoot your ally, monsieur. Target eliminated.

Faye: A transporter! This isn't looking good. It dropped something. Get ready, here they come.

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