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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 23 - Agro-Center

Head for the NAASO Building rooftop in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: I'm on it.

Cain: Affirmative.

Faye: Yes! This isn't looking good. Roger that!

Cain: I will do so!

Faye: Let's finish them off quickly!

Charlie: Dan, infiltrate that building at the end of the street. You'll find an elevator further in.

Faye: Let's blast our way out of here! We're almost there! Hang in there!

Cain: Is there no end?

Faye: They're almost there. Hang in there. Wow! Where did that come from? Reloading!

Cain: Reloading! Are you all right, mademoiselle?

Faye: I'm okay. I can handle this!

Cain: There!

Faye: Reloading!

Cain: Situation critique!

Faye: Reloading!

Cain: Take this!

Faye: Okay!

Cain: Yes, sir!

Faye: Don't give up yet! There it is! Everyone in, now!

Charlie: This is Gregory. We're heading for the roof, rendezvous there.

Dan: What are you crazy?! They're surrounding the building. How are we supposed to get out from the roof?

Charlie: Cain has a wire gun attachment. We can use it to reach another building.

Dan: Sounds insane. I like it! Let's go!

Faye: Where are we?

Dan: Food production plant. Fully automated, by the look of things. Nothing but scrap-heads. Let's hope they're more docile than the ones on our tail.

Faye: An indoor farm. I bet this stuff tastes like shit.

Dan: Yeah. According to the briefing docs, Japan leads the world in agriculture tech.

Faye: Call it what you want, but this isn't real food. Back in China, we grow things the old fashioned way - in the ground.

Dan: Enough modern farming 101. Let's teach these guys a thing or two.

Securitybot: This is a warning. Put down your weapons and surrender. You have failed to comply with the warning.

Faye: I'm absolutely speechless!

Securitybot: Initiating intruder suppression program.

Faye: Wow! Where did that come from?

Cain: The door is opening!

Faye: Is this a shipping area? We'll be buried under security robots if we don't hurry it up! Now let's go!

Cain: I see a lift in the back. We should make use of it. Monsieur, this ascenseur features an operable switch, non?

Faye: I'm absolutely speechless!

Cain: We should stand here until the lift arrives.

Faye: We've got security on us again. Keep them back till the elevator's here!

Cain: Please board immediately!

Faye: Reloading!

Cain: Situation critique!

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