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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 24 - Crawlers

Ahh! Get off me! They're everywhere! in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: This is it, Dan. You have to hang in there!

Dan: Reloading.

Faye: There are too may of them. Dan, can you help over here? That's a relief, thanks. Listen, I need better support.

Dan: Reloading.

Faye: Let's just throw my ideas out the window then. Dan, check you out!

Cain: Your aim is fantastique, monsieur. Yes, sir.

Faye: Okay.

Cain: I am having difficulties with targeting!

Faye: Grrr...the enemy is too fast!

Cain: This foe is proving problematic. This foe is proving problematic. Enemy terminated! We can advance now. That elevator is our next objective. I am what you call a friend, not a foe.

Faye: We're almost there. Hang in there!

Cain: This calls for special tactics! This is where I come in, monsieur. I shall absorb their attack while you finish the enemy, oui? Then let us begin! Your opponent is right here!

Faye: Is there no end?

Cain: Monsieur, you must attack at once. It will take more than that to harm me. It will take more than that to harm me. Ending current tactic. Let's continue the assault on the enemy.

Faye: Let's blast our way out of here!

Cain: A most formidable enemy.

Faye: That's everyone. Let's go up. A dead end. We'll have to find another way. Looks like this is our only option. Go on, get in. This is it.

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