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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 26 - NAASO Roof

Make your NAASO fast getaway in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charlie: That was quick.We only just got here ourselves.

Dan: Well, timing is everything. So, how about this tight rope?

Big Bo: Is this a good time to mention that I don't like heights?

Dan: Little late for that, my man. Little late.

Charlie: It is time for us to get across to that other building. Cain, you're up.

Dan: Come on, you seriously have a wire gun hidden somewhere in there?

Cain: Stand clear, [foreign language]

Faye: You have to admit, we'd be stuck without him.

[foreign language]

Charlie: All right. Here goes nothing. Cover me!

Dan: You got it! Go!

Big Bo: Guess I'm up next.

Dan: Bo!

Faye: Start climbing!

Big Bo: All right, all right.

Faye: Dan! Cover him!

Dan: Go on, Bo! It's only a few hundred yards drop!

Big Bo: Now why you got to say something like that? Goddammit! Wooo...

Faye: Let's blast our way out of here!

Dan: All right, farm girl. Just me and you. Ladies first.

Faye: Ooh, Yankee dog's got some manners after all. Wow, where did that come from? Dan, start climbing, quick!
Let's blast our way out of here! This way!

Dan: What about you, Cain?

Cain: Do not worry on my account, monsieur.

Dan: Whatever you say. Au revior!

Big Bo: Dan!

Dan: Oh, shit! Faye! Oh, I get it. Save the girl, right?

Cain: She is much prettier than you, monsieur.

Dan: Oh, real smooth.

[foreign language]

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