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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 28 - Train Station

Escape the enemy cordon in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: We pulled that off somehow. Now let's move while we still can. I'm on it! Keep moving! Don't worry. I know what to do. Yes!
Don't give up yet. Let's go.

Dan: Cain. Hurry it up.

Faye: Incoming. Watch your six. Dan!

Dan: Ah, shit! Faye! Faye! Talk to me! Say something!

Faye: Dan, please...

Dan: What?! What?!

Faye: Please stop shouting in my ear. It's just a shoulder hit. I'll live.

Dan: Yeah, okay. Oh, shit! They're stopping the train.

Cain: Allow me, monsieur. Penetrating urban transit mainframe. Commence code injection.

Faye: He can do that?

Cain: Injection complete.

Dan: Not bad, for a scrap-head.

Cain: Merci, monsieur. Et maintenant, increasing speed.

Dan: All right. Now all we have to do is figure out where the hell we can...

Cain: [foreign language] Decreasing speed!

Dan: That idiot's going to take us all down! We have to get out of here before they surround us! Cain! Hold on to Faye!

Cain: [foreign language]

Dan: Here goes!

Cain: The situation is deteriorating! I will take the point, monsieur. Would you care to assist? [foreign language]

Cain: Enemy terminated! Target eliminated! A fine performance, monsieur which inspires confidence. Excellent work as always, monsieur. Your skill is incomparable! Are you able to maintain this level of performance? Understood. Then I shall do my best to continue providing backup in that regard. Let us go! It is only a matter of time until we are surrounded.

Faye: We better get out of here now. Leave that sniper back there to me.

Cain: The opposition is crumbling. Not much longer.

Faye: Dan, check you out!

Cain: A train will be arriving shortly. We must board it if we want to move forward.

Faye: Okay. Let's go! Look out, Dan. Here comes a heavy.

Cain: I shall take care of the enemy, monsieur. [foreign language]? I will do so!

Faye: Don't give up yet. I'm absolutely speechless!

Cain: Your attack was magnifique, monsieur! Situation critique!

Faye: This isn't looking good!

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