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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 30 - Underground Parking Lot

Pay before exiting the underground parking lot in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Shindo: Over here. Come on!

Dan: Reloading.

Shindo: Hahaha, nice. Over there! Go! Shit! We can't give up now. Hey, step on it!

Dan: So, you work for Mifune?

Shindo: No, I work with him. We have very different philosophies but we share certain goals.

Dan: You both hate scrap-heads.

Shindo: Yes, and those scum at the Ministry of Homeland Affairs. I am Shindo.

Dan: Dan and that's Faye and Cain.

Shindo: Mifune tells me you're Rust Crew.

Dan: You shouldn't pay attention to idle gossip. So what about you?

Shindo: Oh, we have many names. The Ministry calls us a "terrorist".But we prefer "freedom fighters".

Dan: Well, whatever. We owe you one.

Shindo: Sorry we couldn't help you sooner but Sergeant Kurosawa is like a bloodhound. Once he;s on your trail, you'll have a hard time shaking him off.

Dan: Kurosawa. He's a cop?

Shindo: The cop's that following you, yes. He works for the New Order.

Dan: Ah, I'm guessing you're not big fans of theirs either.

Shindo: New Order. More like Prehistoric. They're running this country to the ground. Turning us back to a peasant society. It's like the last 300 years never happened.

Dan: And you're going to stop that.

Shindo: Hey, we may not look like much but helping you guys is a big payday for us. Things are going to change.

Dan: What about Amada? You got a beef with him too?

Shindo: Of course! They're in bed with the New Order, practically joined at the hip. Those sons of... Shit! Follow me!
All right, I'm dropping back to support. Lead the way, Dan. I should have saved my breath, it's your show. Take that!

Cain: Is there no end?

Faye: This isn't looking good!

Shindo: I'm glad we're on the same side. There's no stopping you. Looks like that's it for now. We can get to our base through this parking lot. Follow me.

Cain: The battle, it does not seem to go in our favor!

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