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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 31 - More Gorilla

Introduce the Gorilla to some friends in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: Reinforcements!

Shindo: Damn! This is bad. If they reach our base, we're screwed!

Dan: Then let's make sure they don't. Two of you, go on ahead. I'll hold these guys off! Go! Let's do it!

Faye: I'm absolutely speechless!

Dan: Reloading.

Faye: We need to do something to turn things around. Hey, Dan, want to watch me toss a chaff grenade in there? Roger that. Here goes! I missed. Sorry about that. Let's go! Let's go!

Dan: That gorilla is one tough bastard! You've got to be kidding me!

Faye: It's heading for Shindo's base! We've got to stop it!

Dan: Oh, thanks, genius, but I already noticed that!

Resistance: We can't let it through! We have to stop it at all costs! Bastard's not getting past me! Over here, this way. There's a fuel tank up ahead. You can help by using it to stop that thing!

Faye: It's here! Fire! Yes! But will that finish it off?

Resistance: Damn! Looks like it's not enough! There's another fuel tank up ahead. Hurry!

Resistance: Dammit! Someone stop that monster! I thought you guys are the best of the best?! Please stop that thing already! Move up! That thing needs to be stopped no matter what! Move up! That thing needs to be stopped no matter what! Come over here! We have a higher grade explosive. Please move this bomb before that thing gets here! This is the remote! I will leave the detonation up tp you!

Faye: The bombs are in place. Fall back! Dan, when that beast gets here use the remote to blow it up! It's here! Now, Dan! Did it work this time?
What's that thing made of? Not good! It'll make the base if we don't do something!

Resistance: This way, quick! I'll show you the way!

Faye: Let's blast our way out of here!

Resistance: And check out that machine gun. It fires special armor-piercing rounds. It should be able to take that bastard down! There's extra ammo there too. Use as much as you want.

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