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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 34 - Out of Control

Defeat the out-of-control robots in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: Dan! Look out! Damnit, Shindo! That's your robot, isn't it?!Can't you do something?

Shindo: You think I programmed it to go nuts and try to kill me?

Cain: It appears completely out of control. Our only option is to destroy it.

Shindo: Heads up! Let's target that arm together. Kickass!

Faye: Dan, I'll toss a chaff grenade to create an opening. Sound good? Roger that. Here goes! I guess it wasn't necessary.

Shindo: Hey, Dan, you okay? Do you need my help? Well then, just try not to get reckless, okay?

Cain: Monsieur Shindo, are you okay?

Shindo: Nah, I'm fine. I can handle this, no problem.

Faye: We're almost there! Hang in there!

Shindo: Okay, that's one arm down! Hey, Dan, you okay? Well then, just try not to get reckless, okay? Okay, that's one arm down!

Faye: This is insanity.

Shindo: Okay! That'll limit the bastard's attack range! Hey, Dan, you okay? Well then, just try not to get reckless, okay?

Faye: What the hell is it doing?

Shindo: It's trying to mow us down! Look out! Shit! It's gone completely berserk! Shit! We gotta do something! Yes! We did it!

Faye: Not so fast. There's more.

Shindo: More? Shit! This way, quick!

Male: What's going on?

Shindo: What's it look like? Move over!

Male: No, no, no. This wasn't part of the deal!

Shindo: Tell it to Mifune, if he makes it out of here. I'll drive! You take care of those- All right! You ready to go?

Dan: Shit! Just drive! Woah. Slow down there, Hoss. Hey, you okay?

Shindo: Yoshiki.

Dan: Don't blame yourself. Hollow children are made to fool everyone, including themselves. It's goddamn sick.

Shindo: He's been with us for almost ten years. The Ministry knew where we were the whole time.

Faye: No, I don't think the Ministry's involved. Those heavy robots were Amada models, not government.

Dan: I thought Amada was in bed with the Ministry.

Faye: Maybe they're not as close as we though.

Dan: What are you up to, you son of a bitch?

Shindo: You here for Amada? You gonna take him out?

Dan: No. We want him alive. Seems pretty clear now he's the one that's been violating the New Geneva Convention.

Shindo: Ha! I knew it! You were a Rust Crew.

Dan: Uh. No.

Shindo: Don't worry, Yankee. I can keep a secret. Amada's going to regret trashing our hideout.

Dan: God dammit. It's that cop again! So much for a safer way in! Charlie needs to find a better classic contact!

Faye: Like you said, Mifune's just and old-school Yakuza crook.

Dan: I swear, if he survived back there, I'll kill him!

Shindo: Today's a great day to die, Yankee! Show the cops what we can do!

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