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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 35 - Truck Chase

Protect the runaway truck in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: Fire! You give it everything you've got!

Shindo: Shit! They're circling around behind us!

Dan: Open the back of the trailer. We'll take them out.

Faye: I'll back you up.

Shindo: All right. Go!

Faye: Roger that!

Cain: Affirmative!

Faye: This isn't looking good.

Cain: Situation critique!

Dan: Incoming!

Faye: Grenade!

Shindo: Son of a bitch! Somebody shoot that bastard

Cain: The next wave is here!

Faye: Roger that!

Cain: Affirmative!

Faye: We're hit!

Shindo: It blew one of the wheels off! Get back in the cab!

Faye: Dan, hurry! Dan!

Dan: There, see? Just how I planned it.

Faye: Oh, I'm sure.

Shindo: All right. Next stop, Amada Corporation!

Faye: Guess we can finally take a breather. But they seem as desperate as we are.

Shindo: Must mean they've got something they really want to hide. And that's a good sign.

Dan: So, we almost at Amada Corporation yet?

Shindo: Relax, won't be long now. Just a few more...

Dan: What's wrong?

Cain: I'm picking up an unidentified thermal reading from behind our vehicle. It is quite massive.

Faye: Great! Now what?

Dan: No biggie, just another enemy to take out.

Shindo: Maybe you should have a look before you say that.

Dan: And I take that back.

Faye: Here it comes!

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