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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 37 - Outside Amada Corp

Take a rocket to the knee in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: Shit! They're blocking our route!

Dan: Then let's make them regret it!

Shindo: Goddam Homeland Affairs! The bastards were expecting us! There's no escape, Dan. We'll have to take them out. Watch out! This cover is not the greatest.

Faye: Dan! Are you okay? Shall I come help? If you can handle yourself then fine. But don't get careless.

Shindo: We got to do something about those howitzers!

Cain: Monsieur Shindo, are you okay?

Shindo: Nah, I'm fine. I can handle this, no problem.

Cain: Are you all right, mademoiselle?

Faye: I'm okay. I can handle this! Cain! Cain! Are you okay?

Cain: The situation is still within my parameters. Do not worry.

Faye: Don't give up yet!

Shindo: Nah, I'm fine. I can handle this, no problem.

Faye: This is bad. We better do something. This isn't looking good. This is bad. We better do something.

Cain: Humans and robots alike must display guts, Dan.

Faye: Dan, check you out!

Cain: The enemy is almost vanquished!

Shindo: Shit! More enemies incoming!

Faye: We're running short on ammo!

Shindo: Just when Amada Corporation's right before our eyes!

Cain: That howitzer did not explode. Perhaps it's drive system is still intact.

Shindo: So? What if it is?

Cain: If it is still intact, I might be able to hack into it.

Faye: Are you saying we could use that howitzer against them? You really think it'll work?

Cain: Leave it to me, mademoiselle. Now, you must hide until my hack is complete.

Shindo: Our options are pretty slim, so go for it.

Faye: Dan, we have to find a good place to hide!

Shindo: Hey, that looks like a good place over there! Let's go! That's it! We almost have them.

Howitzer: Connection complete. Commencing system infiltration.

Faye: We should be safe here. Now we just pray that Cain can hack in.

Cain: Hacking complete. This howitzer is now under my control.

Faye: You really do come in handy. You're the best, Cain!

Cain: Monsieur. I have linked the howitzer's control screen to your PDA. You can control the howitzer from there.

Shindo: Nice! Time to smack the bastards down, Dan!

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