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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 38 - Howitzer

Dish out some mech-flavored punishment in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Cain: You can control the howitzer from there.

Shindo: Nice! Time to smack the bastards down, Dan!

Faye: That's it. Heh heh, serves you right!

Shindo: Let me try that thing when you're done! Nice! Blow them to hell!

Faye: There it is, a Grand Lancer.

Shindo: That's some serious firepower! Keep it coming!

Cain: All clear! All hostile units eliminated.

Shindo: So it's not just the girls you have a way with, huh?

Faye: Men. I'll just forget you said that. Along with most of the noises I hear coming out of your face. Okay, we made it to Amada.

Shindo: Yeah. But what now? The gate's shut tight.

Faye: Okay, let's slip into Amada.

Kurosawa: I don't believe it.

Constable: Another part of the plan, sir?

Kurosawa: Let's see how funny you find it when I bust you back to traffic duty.

Commissioner: Sergeant Kurosawa! Come in!

Kurosawa: Commissioner! Sir!

Commissioner: You are to withdraw immediately! Leave the rest to Amada security!

Kurosawa: Sir, this is my jurisdiction! What possible authority does Amada have?

Commissioner: This order comes directly from the Ministry of Homeland Affairs! Now back off!

Kurosawa: I've been risking my neck out here! And you want me to just walk away?

Commissioner: It is not your place to question orders, Sergeant! The Ministry is aware of your contribution. But now you must cease pursuit! Do not enter Amada building!

Kurosawa: Yes, sir. Can you believe that?

Constable: Believe what, sir? Sorry, I couldn't hear a thing. Too much radio interference.

Kurosawa: You know, this isn't going to do your career any favors.

Constable: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss a showdown like this for the world.

Kurosawa: I admit, Constable, I misjudged you.

Constable: Permission to speak freely, sir?

Kurosawa: Granted.

Constable: For a detective, you're not very observant.

Kurosawa: Careful, Constable. Traffic duty's only a step away. Now take us in!

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