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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 39 - Medusa

Enter Amada Corp. in Chapter Five "Intelligent Artifice" of Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Robot: Our business hours are over for today. Please leave a message or return tomorrow. Our business hours are over for today. Please leave a message or return tomorrow. Our business hours are over for today. Please leave a message or return tomorrow.

Faye: Dan! Down!

Dan: Thanks!

Faye: That's two, you owe me.

Major: Base to Beetle Two. You have two objectives. First, we need evidence that Amada's producing Hollow Children. Second, bring Amada in, alive. You got that?

Dan: What if he resists?

Major: Then use your initiative. Every one of you can overpower an old guy like that. And we have to detain him for questioning. Once you have him, we'll extract you.

Dan: Understood, base. Beetle Two out.

Cain: I have located an experimental production facility, monsieur. Dead center of the complex, on the R&D floor.

Dan: Sounds good. Let's go.

Faye: Wait.

Dan: I smell scrap-heads.

Faye: I don't see anything.

Shindo: Shit I can't get a bead on it. It's too damn fast!

Faye: It's so quick. Almost impossible to hit.

Cain: This robot exhibits excellent agility. What shall we do?

Faye: We won't go anywhere if we don't work together. Let's concentrate our fire.

Shindo: No, we should fire like crazy. One of us is bound to score a hit, right, Dan?

Faye: Smart man. Everyone to Dan, concentrate fire!

Shindo: That was easier than I expected. No need for a plan. The gate's open. Let's go.

Faye: Capitalism at its worst.

Shindo: Never been in here before.

Cain: This appears to be the main lobby. Beyond here, we will find skywalks to other buildings. Let us proceed.

Faye: It's too quiet here. Keep your eyes peeled. There may be enemies lurking nearby.

Shindo: That chandelier's a joke. Do people actually like crap like that?

Cain: We must proceed with caution.

Shindo: Huh?

Faye: The shutter!

Shindo: What the?

Faye: Oh no! Here it comes again!

Shindo: Evade! What's going on?!

Cain: It's an intruder containment system. It seems they intend to eliminate us.

Shindo: Holy shit!

Faye: Guess we've no choice but to fight! These tentacles are a bitch! Dan, you see that? That's got to be its drive system. Shoot it! It's working!

Shindo: All right, let's focus our fire there! Hey, it's trying to hide it!

Cain: It would be impossible to hit it from here.

Faye: Great, now what? Dan, that fat tentacle has a drive system. You see it?

Shindo: Then we know how to hit it where it hurts! Let's do it!

Faye: It stopped moving! Let's do the same to the rest! One more to go!

Cain: The battle, it does not seem to go in our favor. I have confirmed that the third tentacle has ceased to function.

Shindo: Well, that sucker's still alive! What now?

Faye: We'll have to destroy that main drive system it's hiding.

Shindo: Hey, maybe we could get to it by climbing up that tentacle?

Cain: A fine plan. Now, monsieur, this is the perfect chance.

Shindo: Okay. Now get up to the top!

Faye: Stay away from those electrical discharges!

Cain: Humans and robots alike must display guts, Dan!

Faye: You can't get by. Hang on! Okay, get moving again!

Cain: Monsieur, I advise avoidance of the tentacles.

Faye: Let's blast our way out of here! You can't get by. Hang on! Okay, get moving again! Look out! It's trying to get you! Dan! You should be able to hit its weak spot from there!

Dan: Aren't you the least bit worried about me?

Shindo: Hang in there, Dan, we're coming!

Faye: There's got to be an elevator or something around here! Let's look!

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