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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 40 - Medusa Phase 2

Take down that overgrown chandelier in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: The enemy's faltering. Hang in there!

Cain: Dan, that is an emergency ascenseur. Activate it, s'il vous plait.

Shindo: Hey, Dan! Send that elevator down to us!
Okay, let's get up there.

Faye: Dan, we'll be right up! Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm absolutely speechless!

Cain: The opposition is crumbling. Not much longer!

Faye: This isn't looking good!

Cain: The battle can turn here. We must hang on!

Faye: Dan, you okay? Should I come help? If you can handle yourself, then fine. But don't get careless! Don't give up yet. This isn't looking good. I'm absolutely speechless!

Shindo: Not good.

Faye: You all right?

Dan: Nah, I'm fine. I can handle this no problem.

Cain: Affirmative!

Faye: I'm on it!

Shindo: Sure thing!

Faye: The enemy is faltering! Hang in there! That'll do.

Shindo: Hah hah, that's one tough chandelier!

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