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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 42 - Surveillance Room

Head to Amada's R&D floor in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Faye: Well you heard him. We go the hard way.

Robot: Entering intruder termination mode.

Faye: Do something about that shield!

Shindo: Reloading!

Faye: Wow. Where did that come from? Shit! Targets on the sides.

Shindo: Shit! We can't give up now!

Cain: Fire! I am what you call a friend, not a foe. Your attack was magnifique, monsieur!

Faye: I'm absolutely speechless!

Cain: Situation critique!

Faye: This is it, Dan! You have to hang in there!

Cain: Your aim is fantastic, monsieur!

Faye: Dan, you okay? Should I come help? I'm coming now! Hold on!

Cain: Inappropriate command rejected!

Shindo: Hey! There's other crap to do first!

Faye: We have other things to deal with now! I'm absolutely speechless!

Cain: Excellent work as always, monsieur! Your skill is incomparable! Are you able to maintain this level of performance? You are welcome monsieur, though you need not mention it. This way! This passage leads to the R&D lab.

Faye: Maybe we'll find the development data for the Hollow Children program there.

Shindo: Bunch of worthless garbage if you ask me!

Faye: Well we might at least find some clues. Let's pick up the pace!

Shindo: The God damn gate's shut! What do we do now?

Cain: We are unlikely to get it open, but I may be able to disengage the lock on this door. One moment, please.

Shindo: He sure comes in handy. Now I want one.

Cain: It is open, now. Entre, s'il vous plait.

Dan: Security monitors. This could be useful.

Faye: One of us should stay here and coordinate. No use running around blindly.

Dan: Exactly what I was thinking.

Faye: Keep your radio on. I'll guide you through.

Dan: We'll rendezvous back up here once we figure this place out. Meanwhile, you two are with me. Sorry.

Shindo: My luck never was too great.

Faye: Got the gate unlocked. Let's go already.

Shindo: Where should we start looking? We'll be here all day if you don't have something to go on. Hey, see anything fishy? Like somewhere they might keep data on the Hollow Children?

Faye: I've found a lab at the back of this floor. You should start your search there. No, stop! Careful, now. Enemies ahead. Enemies headed your way. Be careful.

Shindo: God damn it's too tough! Dan, we shouldn't take it head on!

Cain: Take this! The battle, it does not seem to go in our favor! The opposition is crumbling! Not much longer!

Faye: Go left there.

Cain: Situation critique!

Faye: Keep going straight!

Shindo: Shit, we got company heading this way!

Cain: Words fail to express your magnificence! The opposition is crumbling! Not much longer!

Faye: You're caught between enemies! Careful, now.

Shindo: Take this!

Cain: Words fail to express your magnificence! Situation critique!

Shindo: Shit! You'd better do something!

Faye: This time, make a left.

Shindo: Shit! We can't give up now!

Cain: Humans and robots alike! [inaudible 00:09:20].

Shindo: Hey, it's sealed off. How are we supposed to get past this?

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