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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 43 - Robot Warehouse

Take the elevator to the R&D floor in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Shindo: Hey, it's sealed off. How're we supposed to get past this?

Faye: I think I can open it for you. One second. Okay. It should be open now.

Shindo: Fire!

Cain: Won't be long now, let's keep moving. The enemy has detected us, monsieur. Your aim is fantastique, monsieur. Words fail to express your magnificence! It is time to finish off the enemy!

Shindo: You've got skills, Daniel-san. I've got to give you credit. Keep that up. Then let's go. We're not going to win this fight flapping our mouths. What is this place?

Cain: It appears to be a warehouse. I believe the robots here are being readied for shipment.

Shindo: Yeah, wish I had the time to swipe one.

Cain: The battle can turn here. We must hang on.

Shindo: This is it, man. Don't give up.

Dan: Piece of cake.

Faye: You've almost reached the lab. I'll unlock the door for you.

Dan: This is the lab. Let's see what we can find. Shit! We've got company. We can search later. First, we've got some circuits to short.

Cain: Your aim is fantastique, monsieur.

Dan: Shit! We can't give up now.

Cain: Enemy defeated. Well done.

Dan: These all look like mass-market robots to me. I doubt we're going to find any data on the Hollow Children here. You there? No data here by the looks of it. Any other suggestions?

Faye: Well, there's a huge RND floor that can be reached by an elevator ahead of you. You might find the data we're looking for there.

Shindo: Okay, let's head there now. We take the elevator ahead, right?

Dan: Break time's over, Faye. We're taking the elevator up. Regroup with us later.

Faye: Roger that!

Cain: Your attack was magnifique, monsieur.

Shindo: Haha, nice work. Take that!

Cain: Humans and robots alike must display guts, Dan. Is there no end? Words fail to express your magnificence! This way. A fine battle [foreign language].

Shindo: That floor we're headed to, I hope we find the data for the Hollow Children program there.

Cain: The probability of both finding the data and a high scale ambush is high.

Shindo: We'll just smack them down, just like we've done every other time.

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