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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 45 - Scrap Area

Escape the "Scrap Area" in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Dan: Screw it! Run!

Amada: I wouldn't advise that.

Kurosawa: Who are you? Wait a second.

Dan: Amada?

Kurosawa: What did you do to my robots?

Amada: You were ordered to withdraw, Sergeant Kurosawa. By the Minister of Homeland Affairs, no less.

Kurosawa: And you told him to make that call.

Amada: Don't be ridiculous. Those children of the New Order think I just want to be left alone at my age. In fact, I enjoy a little company every now and then.

Dan: Enough of this shit! You're coming with us, old man!

Kurosawa: Drop your weapon!

Amada: Why don't you do the same? Then we can all talk in a civilized manner.

Cain: Stop, please.

Faye: What are you doing to him?

Amada: "Him"? An unusual choice of words for a Rust Crew soldier. I have focused the machine's AI on the concept of "suffering". It was easy enough. He is a Berger model, and they stole much of their code from me.

Cain: Help me.

Dan's Mother: Dan, stop it! Stop it!

Dan: Dammit, Amada! That's enough! Now, don't do anything stupid. We're here to take you with us to Geneva.

Amada: I never do anything stupid, Sergeant Marshall. Are why is Geneva so interested in me?

Dan: I think you know damn well why. You've created Hollow Children! Violated Clause 21!

Amada: Is that all? Look, you're making an old man nervous. Put your gun down.

Dan: I don't think so.

Amada: It wasn't a request, Sergeant.

Faye: Look out!

Dan: Faye! Cain, you useless son of a bitch!

Cain: Bon soir, monsieur.

Dan's Mother: Dan, stop it! Please, stop.

Dan: It should have stopped him. You were crying. It should have done something.

Dan's Mother: It's just a robot, baby. It's all over now. Give me the bat.

Dan: No!

Shindo: About time, sleeping beauty.

Dan: What the... A garbage dump? Where's Faye?

Shindo: Amada took her. Dirty old geezer.

Dan: Dumped us in here. He didn't take my headset. Didn't take all our weapons, either.

Shindo: Hey, can you call out?

Dan: No. We must be too deep in the complex for me to get a signal.

Shindo: That solves one mystery.

Dan: What the hell are you doing in here with us? You're a cop, right?

Kurosawa: I've been asking myself the same question.

Shindo: The great detective, totally stumped huh!

Kurosawa: Oh, and you've been doing so good? Tell me, Shindo. How's your little hideout these days? Huh?

Shindo: You son of a bitch!

Dan: Perfect. Dammit! Hey, ladies! How about we focus on getting out of here instead of slapping each other like a bunch of little kids? Now, where exactly is this, this place?

Shindo: It has to be one of the lower floors with all the chutes. But why they keep us here at all?

Dan: Instead of just killing is. I know. Maybe they've got other plans for us.

Kurosawa: Yeah. Plans to let these scrap-heads finish us off! Are you sure you don't have some robot in your family tree?

Shindo: Yeah. You do pull off the craziest stunts, Dan.

Dan: Get out of here. I was born in Nebraska. I got two parents. I just work out a lot, all right?

Shindo: Could be false memories. I've seen movies like that.

Dan: Listen! Dammit! If I was a scrap-head, Amada could have shut me down. Like he did to Cain! Now, let's get to work!

Shindo: Shit. I don't want to die in a goddamn trash dump!

Kurosawa: I think it would be a fitting death for scum like you.

Shindo: Funny. I was thinking the exact same thing about you.

Kurosawa: Wow! Even I'm impressed!

Shindo: Piece of cake! Kickass!

Kurosawa: Wow! Even I'm impressed!

Shindo: Ha ha! Nice work!

Kurosawa: Easy as pie!

Shindo: Ha ha! I'm surprised you've stayed alive this long, Kurosawa. I figured you'd be dead by now.

Kurosawa: Why don't you just go and get yourself killed? It'll save me the trouble of arresting you.

Shindo: Hey, Dan, can I shoot this guy or what? Come on, nobody would even know if we killed him here. It's perfect!

Kurosawa: I'm in no mood to play your stupid games.

Shindo: Oh, lighten up, I'm joking. Half-joking. All right, Dan, let's go. These zombie scrap-heads remind me too much of Yoshiki. Hey, cut it out. I don't need a pep talk from you. Look, I'm not hanging around here. If you're not coming, I'll just leave you behind.

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