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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 47 - R&D Floor

Rendezvous with Charlie and company in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Charlie: This is how it has to end?

Dan: What was up with him?

Kurosawa: I guess we will never know.

Dan: We've got to keep moving.

Major: Base to Beetle 2, are you receiving? Base to Beetle 2, are you receiving?

Dan: Base, this is Beetle 2. Loud and clear.

Major: There you are. I thought the Survivor's luck had finally run out.

Dan: Yeah, well stick around, it could still happen. What's Beetle 1's twenty?

Major: R&D floor. I'll notify him you're on your way.

Dan: Yeah, well we found Amada. He's no spring chicken but he's no pushover either.

Major: In other words, you failed to apprehend him.

Dan: Yeah, well I figured I'd wait till the whole team could share in the glory.

Major: Very funny. Base out.

Kurosawa: Just when I thought we escaped the trash dump, now this? I say we get out of here before we get ambushed again. A dead end. Wait, I think there might be a way out. Looks like I was right. Let's move.

Dan: Dammit!

Big Bo: Dammit's right. I almost shot you!

Charlie: It's about time you showed up. And who's your friend?

Dan: Hey, relax. It's a long story but he's good. All right? Now listen ,we met up with Amada but he got away and took Faye and Cain with him.

Charlie: Well, that's too bad. But look what we found.

Dan: Is that the production data on the Hollow Children?

Charlie: Yes, it is. And it's all the evidence we need.

Big Bo: There's one problem though. It proves Amada violated Clause 21, and a whole bunch of clauses besides, but it also proves something else too.

Charlie: Amada's tech is fifty years ahead of everyone else including Bergen.

Dan: Well, that's impossible. Earthquake!

Big Bo: Or not.

Major: Base to Beetle 2. We have a situation.

Dan: Uh, anything to do with that tremor we just felt?

Major: Be thankful that's all you felt. The US milcomm network is under attack, by Amada. Cyberops is fighting it but they're moving too fast. Amada already has executive-level access.

Dan: Uh, that's bad. Right?

Major: All autonomous NC vessels worldwide have initiated Complan Order 0988. They're broadcasting a counterfeit satellite signal to maintain control.

Big Bo: 0988? That's a mutual destruction order!

Dan: But why would Amada do that?

Major: We don't know. Wait a minute. We just found out how he's doing it. Amada-made robots worldwide have powered down.

Dan: Major, I don't understand.

Major: They're being networked together. Every Amada machine in the world is joining up to form a massive distributed system and attacking milcomm with it.

Dan: Wait, rewind. So what was that tremor?

Major: The order test missile was fired at the Tokyo seawall.

Dan: Shit! What other targets are in the Complan?

Major: The usual suspects. Every capital city around the globe. And there's one new target, not in 0988, the Amada Corp building.

Big Bo: What?! This right here is the most insane shit I have ever heard! It's because of this, ain't it?

Charlie: They're going to blow themselves up rather than risk being exposed. Bloody hell!

Dan: Come on! There's got to be something we can do!

Major: Sure. Just stop that counterfeit signal but first you have to find it.

Big Bo: You need a clear line of sight to broadcast a satellite uplink.

Dan: Right, and that means it has to be somewhere exposed. Does this building have a large antenna? Something really big.

Charlie: Just let me think! Yes. Yes, there's a large parabolic dish up on the roof.

Dan: Jesus! Major, how long till launch?

Major: 15 minutes.

Big Bo: All right. We have 15 minutes to take it out.

Dan: Kurosawa, alert the Japanese authorities. Missile incoming.

Kurosawa: Are you serious?

Dan: Just hurry. Now go!

Kurosawa: Kuso!

Dan: Let's do this.

Big Bo: All right. I'll ride shotgun from here. Dan, can you take point? It's on you, man. Fire! Whoa, where did that come from? Fire! Things go smooth when you're on point,. Props, bro!

Charlie: We don't have much time. Move! Right into the elevator people.

Rachael: The enemy's ready to attack. Stay focused!

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