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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 48 - Cerberus

Defeat the Cerberus in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Oh, man. We ain't gonna disable that thing with a monkey wrench.

Dan: Hey, Rachael! Could an RPG hit take out that thing?

Rachael: Sure. But only if you hit it dead center, from the front. We'll have to go around.

Dan: You heard the lady. Let's go. Uh...nice doggy?

Big Bo: Guess he ain't housebroken. Just a bit more! Gut it out!

Rachael: You holding up, Charlie?

Charlie: It takes more than this to keep me down.

Big Bo: You all right, Dan? Don't be reckless, you got me? Fire!!

Rachael: We got this! I think it's calling for help!

Big Bo: Fire!

Charlie: Bloody hell! We need something to turn the tide.
Sergeant! I'll take care of this. Why don't I use a grenade?

Rachael: Fire!

Charlie: Right, then I'll show you how it's done!

Rachael: You holding up, Charlie?

Charlie: It takes more than this to keep me down.

Rachael: It's still moving! We're running out of time.

Charlie: This mutt doesn't know when to give up! We have to finish it off, Dan! The battle's ours if we keep this up! Well done! Let's roll, people!

Rachael: Dan! Right here.

Dan: Rachael. Your RPG.

Big Bo: Hey. This dog ain't done yet.

Dan: Bo!!!!!

Charlie: We'll deal with this. You take out that dish, or we're all screwed!

Rachael: Amazing! I'm shocked, really!

Charlie: Fire!

Rachael: Bad dog!

Dan: Hold on, Bo! Bo!!!!!

Charlie: Up the ladder.

Rachael: How much time left? We better hurry!

Dan: Base to Beetle 2. 0998 is disengaged and Cyberops has re-established control of milcomm. Hey guys, excuse me!

Rachael: Dan! Over there!

Dan: Holy shit. Hey, Bo!

Big Bo: About time some of that Survivor shit rubbed off on me, brother.

Charlie: Did we make it in time?

Big Bo: Not bad, for a day's work.

Rachael: Can we go home now?

Philips: The President is conducting an emergency UN summit right now. Whatever happens, Amada is finished.

The President has agreed to a military intervention in Tokyo to enable Geneva to conduct a full and proper inspection. Amada's arrest is only a matter of time.

Big Bo: Now that's more like it. Come and get us out of here, Major.

Dan: Woah, woah. Hold on. We're not going anywhere without Faye. Amada's still got her somewhere.

Big Bo: Dan, listen. Forget about Faye.

Dan: No, screw that! You go on ahead if you want to. But I'm not leaving Faye alone with that madman.

Big Bo: That's not it. There is something you should know... Oh, shit...

Philips: There's an airborne unit on it's way to you now. Hold your current position.

Charlie: No can do, base. This building's falling down around our ears! We'll get to a safe location and resume contact. Let's go!

Big Bo: You know what I said about the Survivor thing rubbing off on me? Think I could do with some more.

Charlie: The whole place is coming down. Get out of here!

Big Bo: The whole freaking building's coming down! Goddamn nightmare, man! Fire!!!

Charlie: This building won't hold much longer. We'd better hurry.

Big Bo: I didn't come this far to die like this.

Charlie: Then you had better hurry up! Pick up the pace!

Rachael: We're dead if we don't hurry!

Big Bo: Shit! Slow down!

Charlie: Bloody hell.

Rachael: Oh no!

Big Bo: Get over here, quick!

Charlie: Keep moving! Run! Run!!

Big Bo: You've got to be kidding me.

Charlie: Bloody hell!

Big Bo: Don't stop, yo! Keep floorin' it!

Charlie: Move it, people!

Big Bo: Come on, jump for it!

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