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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 49 - Denying Destiny

Head for the heliport in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Come on! Jump for it! I've got you! Stick with me, son. You'll be the survivor for a long time!

Dan: Don't give yourself too much credit! You need to work out more.

Charlie: Everybody here? Was it? Holler, if you're dead, huh!

Dan: Oh, that's very funny. Really cute. And no, not everyone is here.

Big Bo: Dan, man, listen.

Dan: No, Bo! Faye is still somewhere in that complex. And Amada has her.

Charlie: Yes, he does. But...

Dan: Look! You go get airlifted out of here if you want to, okay? Go ahead! But I am not leaving without Faye!

Big Bo: Dan! Faye being alive is not the issue here, brother.

Charlie: Amada's Hollow Children don't just look like us. They are incredibly advanced tech.

Dan: What are you saying?

Charlie: I'm saying that the females he created, the one's that are named on this chip.

Dan: What? No. No, that's bullshit. Look, don't you dare try to tell me that Faye is a scrap-head! Look, she took a bullet for me! I stitched her shoulder back up myself. She's just flesh and blood!

Charles: You're not listening, soldier! Female Hollow Children can be impregnated by a human male.

Dan: What?

Big Bo: We told you Amada's tech was insane, man. The women can have kids.

Charlie: So you're right! Okay! Faye is not a Hollow Child. But her mother was. There.

Dan: No, that's impossible.

Charlie: Look, mate. The data here proves it. Okay? And Faye is not alone. Amada records show 108 undocumented births by both robot and human parents.

Big Bo: It's some sick shit. Dude thinks he's setting down with a nice girl, turns out he's knocking up some Hollow Child.

Charlie: And the hybrid offspring leave no mechanical traces. They're strong. They're fast, resistance to disease but completely undetectable.

Dan: No. No, this is all wrong.

Charlie: Hey! Faye probably didn't even know it herself until Amada got hold of her. But ignorance is no defense, and the brass wants her taken out. She's a direct violation of Clause 21.

Dan: You son of bitch! Without her, we never would have made it here in the first place!

Charles: Speak for yourself, Sergeant.

Dan: I'll kill you!

Big Bo: Dan!

Dan: What?!

Big Bo: This party ain't over yet. Exfil team's on its way, and the heliport's still a ways up ahead. We ain't got time to argue. You know what I'm saying?

Dan: I'm not done with you, Commander.

Charlie: Grow up, Marshall. Absolutely brilliant, Sergeant!

Rachael: Amazing! I'm shocked, really!

Charlie: Absolutely brilliant, Sergeant!

Rachael: I think that's it.

Charlie: Okay, let's make for the heliport, quick. We have a rendezvous with the air unit.

Rachael: Dan, hold up a minute. Look, I know you must have been shocked about Faye, but... Are you all right? We were all shocked as well. I mean, after all this, Faye's a scra... She's not human. Yeah, I understand. Something happened between you two, didn't it? It's written all over your face. But listen, you can't think about her like that. Not any more.

Big Bo: She's right, brother. Faye's the enemy now, plain and simple.

Charlie: Don't waste your breath, Bo. He obviously isn't listening right now. Let's move.

Big Bo: Roger that.

Charlie: Stop dragging your feet!

Rachael: We need to move fast! Reloading!

Charlie: Take this!

Big Bo: Whoa! Where'd that come from?! The enemy's cracking, too! Tough it out! Whoa! Where'd that come from?!

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