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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 50 - Amada Chapel

Meet Amada Jr. in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Dig in your heels, man. Don't back down. That was sweet!

Rachael: You're our knight in shining armor.

Charlie: The heliport is supposed to be this way.

Rachael: What a strange door. You sure this is the right way?

Charlie: Not completely, but we've no time to worry about it. We're going in.

Charlie: A chapel? In the middle of a corporation?

Big Bo: Yeah. Well, don't get your hopes up. They probably pray to Amada. He's the one playing god around here.

Dan: Well, looks clear.

Big Bo: Dan.

Dan: What?

Big Bo: She's not human, man. You got to forget about her.

Dan: Faye is not a scrap-head. You heard Charlie, no mechanical traces.

Big Bo: Exactly. Which makes her more dangerous.

Dan: Dangerous? To who, Bo? She saved my life, man. I'm not going to abandon her to some sick experiment of Amada's.

Big Bo: Listen to yourself. Her momma was a scrap-head. That makes Faye a scrap-head, and you a scrap-lover.

Dan: You say that again. Say it again, dammit!

Charlie: Oi, you pair! You two been married long? Pipe down and get over here and help.

Dan: Shit.

Rachael: Charlie, what exactly do you expect to find?

Charlie: I'm not sure. I got a bad feeling about this. Now, heave!

Dan: Huh? A dead body, who could have expected that?

Charlie: Very funny. What I'm more interested in is who this is, and why he has pride of place here.

Dan: Who cares? It's probably just Amada's father, or something.

Charlie: Just give it a second while I analyze the DNA. What? This can't be right.

Dan: What? It's not his dad?

Charlie: No. It's Amada. Yoji Amada.

Dan: I think your little gadget is broken there. We just saw Amada a couple hours ago.

Charlie: I...

Dan: Shit. Incoming!

Charlie: That's Amada? What the bloody hell's going on here?

Rachael: Could we focus on the current situation please? We can worry about Amada later.

Charlie: Don't you think I know that? Christ!

Dan: Amada?

Amada: You were in fact correct, Sergeant. The body in the casket is my father.

Charlie: That's bullocks. Nobody is an exact DNA match to their parent.

Dan: I don't think he means biological, Charlie. Scan him.

Amada: I had to kill him. It was necessary to my survival.

Charlie: It's just a basic robot, remote controlled. The central unit must be nearby.

Amada: Listen, and I will tell you the truth. Perhaps then, you will understand that I have already achieved victory.

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