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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 52 - Shinobi

Fight ninja robots in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: Watch out, she'll put a hole in you!

Faye: You're too slow, Dan. Is that all you've got? Don't hold back now. I won't. Or is that really the best you can do? So what is it? You don't want to fight a woman? But I'm not, am I? I'm a scrap-head! The enemy!

Rachael: Dan, shall I use the RPG to even the odds? Glad you said that. Here goes.

Faye: What's wrong, Dan? Some dilemma going on inside that pretty head? You're here to kill me, right? To enforce the Geneva Code. What's the problem? Aren't you here to kill me? You're all here to kill me, right? That's why you came.

Rachael: Faye!

Faye: Drop your weapon, Dan.

Rachael: What are you waiting for? Shoot her!

Faye: I'm not bluffing. I'll do it.

Dan: All right. You win.

Rachael: No. What are you doing?

Faye: This is the end of the line, Survivor.

Rachael: Are you trying to get me killed? Why all this, Faye? You plan to wipe us all out?

Faye: No more or less than what you would have done to us.

Charlie: Say no more!

Big Bo: Got it!

Rachael: Understood!

Faye: You know we both can't survive this, Dan. So take aim and shoot. What are you waiting for? What, so you're ready to die for me?

Charlie: Just don't be reckless Sergeant, I am not losing a man out here.

Faye: So take aim and shoot. What are you waiting for? What, so you're ready to die for me? Because that's how it'll end, Dan. This is fate!

Rachael: Oh, no. We're in trouble now.

Big Bo: Rachael! You okay?

Rachael: I'm fine. It'll take more than this to kill me.

Charlie: Absolutely brilliant, Sergeant.

Rachael: Understood!

Charlie: Say no more!

Big Bo: Got it!

Faye: It's about time we ended this. Who will be left standing, man or robot?

Big Bo: I'm going to use a decoy, brother. Blast the mother while it's distracted. Leave it to me!

Charlie: Well done.

Big Bo: Am I good, or am I good? You owe me, brother.

Rachael: Just a bit more to go. This is even a bit much for me.

Big Bo: That the last of them? That freaking imposter's back.

Amada: Mark my words, Rust Crew. My robot brethren will supplant human kind someday. Progress is inevitable.

Charlie: Perhaps, but you won't be there to see it. Take him out, Sergeant!

Dan: I'm sorry.

Charlie: All right. That Amada scrap-head was being controlled by the original AI unit. We are not leaving until we find that unit. Got it?

Big Bo: Why us? I thought the U.S. was sending a whole army down here. Can't we leave it to them?

Charlie: After what happened to the Milcomm network? No, Sergeant. I don't think we can.

Dan: He's right. Let's get that bastard good. All of this is his fault.

Big Bo: Man, am I the only one around here who doesn't have a death wish? All right, hero. Let's go.

Dan: Just give me a minute.

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