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Binary Domain Walkthrough Part 53 - Amada AI

Destroy the Amada A.I. in Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Big Bo: All right, hero. Let's go.

Dan: Just give me a minute. I owed you that one. Now we're even.

Faye: Now we're even. Go.

Rachael: The central unit controlling Amada is in there?

Charlie: Yes, we're almost there. You better brace yourselves. Who knows what we might find? Dan, let me know as soon as you're ready. Right, then. If you're ready, let's go. Good man. Move out!

Dan: That's it, huh?

Charlie: That's it. Hard to believe a bunch of circuits can cause this much havoc.

Big Bo: It's freaking huge.

Charlie: The world's first computer was over 30 tons. I suppose we've come full circle.

Dan: I thought it was us Yanks who talked too much? Just kill the damn thing.

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Rachael.

Rachael: With pleasure. Fire in the hole!

Charlie: Oh, you got to be shitting me!

Dan: Hold your fire. Hold your fire! They're not Japanese. They're American. It's a U.S. Tactical Robot Force. It's all right. It's all right.

Major: Base to Beetle 1. Good job, Commander.

Charlie: What are you doing here? The U.S. invasion isn't for another 12 hours.

Major: Sorry, Charlie. But I can't let you destroy this AI. It's U.S. property now.

Charlie: You bloody turncoat! This was your plan all along!

Dan: No! This is the first I've heard of it. I want that thing as dead as you do.

Major: Too bad, soldier. But we had to keep you out of the loop. We couldn't risk a leak.

Charlie: You can't control that thing. It's too dangerous.

Major: Only in the wrong hands. It's like nukes.

Dan: Major, what the hell is going on here?

Major: Regrettably, soldier, this is the end of the line.

Big Bo: Game over, Dan. This is the way it has to be.

Dan: Bo, are you crazy?

Major: Like I said, we can't risk a leak.

Charlie: The IRTA won't take this lying down.

Major: The IRTA won't know a damn thing. You're the only witnesses, and there's a nuke on its way right now to take care of that. Officially, Amada hacked Milcomm again in some crazed suicide bid to destroy evidence.

Charlie: Nobody will ever know the difference. You've been playing us from the start.

Dan: You always were an asshole, Major.

Major: Oh, I was only obeying orders, just like you. The difference is this time I get to be "the Survivor".

Dan: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Major: Please, Sergeant. This is no time for bravado. Any last words?

Dan: Yeah. Tell your momma I loved her.

Faye: Nice of you to finally notice.

Major: Boateng! What are you waiting for? Shoot him!

Big Bo: You didn't think I was really going to shoot you, did you?

Major: God dammit.

Charlie: Fire!

Big Bo: I guess we're both outlaws now.

Dan: Let the good times roll.

Robot 1: They got a death wish. Let's oblige them.

Faye: That one shorted out. Finish it off, now!

Big Bo: Come on, again? Move out of its range!

Rachael: Hold on. Just a little longer.

Faye: Dan, you okay? Shall I come help? If you can handle yourself then fine. But don't get careless.

Rachael: Put more effort into it.

Charlie: Dan, look out!

Dan: I thought we took down all the big ones.

Major: Sergeant, you always were a pain in the neck.

Dan: Major.

Major: But I never took you for a goddamn scrap-lover. I was going to make it quick, but now let's start with you.

Dan: Bo!

Big Bo: Ain't right to hit a pretty woman.

Major: Stupid bastard. Well, one down.

Dan: You son of a bitch!

Major: Easy, Sergeant. Remember, I'm the only one who can cancel that missile strike.

Dan: Well, then I guess you're going down with us.

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