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Binary Domain Ending - Part 55

See the ending and post-credits scene of Binary Domain, the squad-based third-person shooter from Yakuza Studio.


Nice work making it this far, Sargent. You can die proud knowing you did your best. Oh, don't worry you won't be alone for long. I'll send your comrades to join you soon enough.

Dan: You son of a bitch!

HQ: And so the survivor finally meets his end. Die!

HQ: God damn you.

Dan: Maybe so, Major. It just means I'll see you in hell. What have you got to laugh about?

HQ: You idiot. All you've done is delay events. That nuke is still on it's way. Striking in twenty seconds.

Faye: He's wrong. There's no missile.

HQ: You willing to bet your life on that scrap-head? Not that you have much choice. Impact in seven seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. Strike! Damn it! Strike!

Faye: See? I told you there was no missile.

Dan: I don't understand.

Faye: When Amada hacked the milcomm network he evolved the AI at missile command to ASC mode. Autonomous Sensory Capacity.

Dan: Oh for God's sake, Faye, just speak English.

Faye: It means NC vessels now have the authority to assess the validity of orders they receive.

Dan: Seriously?

Faye: Seriously. And they calculated it wasn't valid. Because of human error.

HQ: Goddamn scrap-heads. Relax, Sargent. I'm not going to shoot your precious robot girlfriend. But I'm not going to let one of them take me down either.

Dan: Hey, Bo.

Big Bo: Hey, hey Dan.

Dan: Man, I can't believe you did that.

Big Bo: Pretty dumb. At least I won't have a price on my head.

Dan: Yeah, well you know me. I'll manage. I'm the survivor, remember?

Big Bo: Pass me a cigarette.

Dan: I always told you those things would kill you.

Big Bo: Take care of her, brother. She sure is pretty.

Dan: Holler if you're dead.

Faye: Dan? I have to go.

Dan: I know.

Charlie: You know even if I don't kill you, someone else will. You'll have Rust Crews on your ass for the rest of your life.

Faye: Probably.

Charlie: I'll tell them you went missing in action. You got two hours till I file a report.

Faye: Thank you, Charlie.

Dan: Wait, I'm coming with you.

Faye: No, Dan. I have to do this alone. Besides, you Americans make too much noise.

Dan: Faye, don't be stupid! You can't, you can't fly solo out there.

Faye: Goodbye, Dan. Take care of yourself.

Yoji: The Ministry of Homeland Affairs is in the process of dismantling Amada As agreed by the Security Council. IRTA will oversee the destruction of all research and facilities relating to the manufacture of Hollow Children.

Philip: And for the AI too?

Yoji: Yes, sir. It's all going up in smoke.

Philip: Sorry, Mr. Bergen it had to be done.

Mr. Bergen: I understand. Such a shame though.

Philip: What about these hybrids?

Yoji: Geneva's pursuing a 107 of them. Tracking their locations will take time. Rust Crews will be dispatched with termination orders as soon as possible.

Mr. Bergen: Are we really considering the hybrids as robots? They're completely biological.

Philip: But not born of humans, Mr. Bergen. The IRTA was very clear on this. Besides the last thing this world needs is more racial tension.

Mr. Bergen: What about the 108th hybrid?

Yoji: Faye Lee has gone underground and remains at large. But she can't stay hidden forever.

Mr. Bergen: Does it really matter? What harm can one woman do?

Philip: Mr. Bergen, what happens if another Amada comes along? Only this time instead of staying underground with Hallow Children decides we're a threat? If that happens who do you think they'll look to for a leader? I got a feeling this is not the end.

Dan: Beat it, fellas.

Faye: Dan, how did you find me?

Dan: You need to cover your tracks better, farm girl.

Faye: Maybe I wanted you to find me. Thank you.

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