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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 3 - Chapter 2

Check out part 3 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Autobot: Decepticon drop ship!

Optimus: We must protect this door at all cost.

Autobot: All right, Prime!

Autobot: Heads up! More Decepticons dead ahead.

Autobot: Watch. Secure the target.

Autobot: More Decepticons, high left. Get your cover, Prime.

Optimus: Stack your crown.

Lead them away from the Nerve Center.

Autobot: Optimus, stay near the Nerve Center door.

Optimus: Get these damages fixed. That's the last of them. Good work Autobots.

Autobot: Now, let's deal with that dead pack.

Optimus: All right, Warpath, on three. One, two, three. Warpath, secure the area, then make your way to the ark. Protect it at all cost.

Warpath: Yes, Prime.

Autobot: Optimus, Perceptor has been waiting for you, Sir.

Optimus: Where is he now?

Autobot: At the Central Hub. He's been rewiring things all day.

Perceptor: Optimus!

Optimus: Perceptor!

Perceptor: Meet me at the command terminal. We nearly have the Nerve Center up and running again. Primus! There's another molecular unfused. Optimus, if you'd be so kind as to locate another fuse.

Optimus: I'll handle it, Perceptor.

Autobot: Shut up.

Perceptor: Right, that should do it. Here they are. I've located artillery units throughout this complex that we could use to repel Megatron's attack. I've been trying to get these weapons online, but they're quite old and-

Optimus: We don't have enough energon.

Perceptor: Everything we have is fueling the ark.

Optimus: Can we spare any of it and still launch?

Perceptor: It's worth a try. We'll have to manually redirect the power to the artillery gun. I can't do it from here.

Autobot: Optimus, we got Cons knocking at the door!

Optimus: Stay online, Perceptor, and guide me to the first artillery unit.

Perceptor: Roger that, Prime.

Optimus: Return fire. Autobots, let's fire!

Warpath: All clear.

Optimus: Seal the door behind me. This will help the war effort.

Perceptor: All right, Optimus, to get to the first artillery unit, you will need to head to the engine room, that's where we assembled the ark's boosters.

Optimus: I remember.

Perceptor: Your path should be fairly clear. All that machinery will be moved by now. All the-

Warpath: Move it! You're about to get overrun. It's Optimus! The Cons are in for it now! There's a Decepticon! Hey, targeting.

Optimus: Once you're the target.

Autobot: Where'd he go? Come back here.

Warpath: Rockets on the right.

Optimus: Stay with me, Autobots.

Decepticon: Megatron is going to mess you up.

Optimus: No more warmongering for you.

Warpath: I'm going to beat you down.

Optimus: A fortunate find.

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