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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 10 - Chapter 4

Check out part 10 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Sideswipe: This is as close as I can get to Grimlock's last known location until the rust storm clears up.

Jazz: It'll have to do, Sideswipe. You ready, Cliffjumper?

Cliffjumper: Always.

Sideswipe: Try not to have too much fun without me. All right, just keep your channels open in case the rescuers need a rescuee. [laughs]

Jazz: Let's do it.

Cliffjumper: My sensors are jammed. Optic's barely working.

Jazz: Keep movin'! We've got to find cover. Through here! Look out! Sideswipe, this is Jazz. We're in but stay close, okay?

Sideswipe: Will do. Sideswipe out.

Jazz: Cliffjumper, over here.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, that ship's markings matched the one that was stolen from the base.

Jazz: That's a good bad Grimlock you.

Cliffjumper: It doesn't look very stable.

Jazz: It's fine. I've got the ship logs. Grimlock did use it. He and his team were tracking an energy spike here in the Sea of Rust. See? Under control, baby.

Cliffjumper: I can't believe you outrank me.

Jazz: It looks like Grimlock made his way through here. After you.

Cliffjumper: Grimlock leaves quite the trail.

Jazz: Cliff, we've got company. Time to play hide and seek.

Cliffjumper: Decepticons?

Jazz: Cloaking works best if you keep quiet.

Decepticons: Sweep the area. We don't want any [inaudible 0:02:18] like before.

Decepticons: Yes, sir.

Jazz: Keep it down until we find out why they're here. Take them out [inaudible 0:02:28].

Cliffjumper: The new Cloaker's working great. The door is sealed shut.

Jazz: I see an access tunnel behind all that junk.

Cliffjumper: I'll take care of that. There an access tunnel.

Jazz: We'll find Grimlock faster if we split up.

Cliffjumper: Keep your chin lower. See you inside.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, are you reading this?

Jazz: Keep your distance.

Cliffjumper: Maybe we can ask him which way Grimlock went. It's like a dead-end. I see a crane but I can't reach it. Any ideas?

Jazz: If it's a control room on your left, try over there.

Cliffjumper: Decepticons are crawling all over the place.

Jazz: You get the sense they've been here for a while.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, some of this tech looks pretty recent.

Jazz: Decepticons are using this as some kind of waste management facility, the kind of waste you get from mining Energon.

Cliffjumper: In the Sea of Rust?

Jazz: It's coming from somewhere. Grimlock knew something we didn't. Find a way upstairs. Cliff, I'm picking up a lot of Decepticons just ahead.

Cliffjumper: I'll deal with them. Just find a way for me to reach that control room.

Jazz: They're on your way, Cliff. Get your ride on that trash compactor.

Combaticon: I don't like it. Just like that, Starscream takes control?

Combaticon: Nah, he's no Megatron.

Combaticon: Better than Shockwave. That guy gives me the creeps and his pets.

Decepticon: Don't get me started. I saw what they did to those Autobots.

Cliffjumper: Did he say Shockwave?

Jazz: Did he say pets? Cliff, the controls for the trash compactor are just ahead. Use it to hitch a ride.

Perceptor: Never have I observed such a traumatizing sight. An entire city of rust. Everything down to the last bolt is encrusted. Severe oxidation, pitting the metal's surface, gradually deforming its shape. I fear for the health of all Autobots. The supply of Energon may be on every Cybertronian's mind. But I have observed the encroaching influence and effects of rust on many Autobots. We must be ever vigilant to its presence, or this city will overtake us all.

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