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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 4

Check out part 11 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Cliffjumper: I think I can position that crane to get across.

Jazz: That thing looks pretty rusty, Cliff. Don't make a scene.

Cliffjumper: It'll be fine! See?

Jazz: Yeah, that wasn't loud at all! Cliff, you've got company. Wonder what tipped 'em off.

Cliffjumper: You're not helping!

Jazz: They got rockets!

Cliffjumper: I know!

Male 1: [inaudible 00:02:03-00:02:05]. [inaudible 00:02:10-00:02:12]. They've got things everywhere. [inaudible 00:02:13], look out!

Jazz: Cliff! It's no use, man. Get out of there!

Cliffjumper: I hate it when you're right. I'm entering what looks to be some kind of ancient tomb.

Jazz: You're all out of my visual range. Signal weak from the storm. Keep me posted till I can catch up.

Cliffjumper: What the...?

Jazz: Cliff, you there? I'm in the- Can you read me? That con is using a stealth-cracker. That beam will see right through your cloak. Cliff! Red storm is picking up! Brace yourself!

Cliffjumper: Jazz! You all right?

Jazz: Boy, be glad you're inside! This rust isn't doing my gears any favors.

Cliffjumper: I hear more decepticons. Time to go dark.

Male 2: I have been in detention longer than any other autobot. Me, the invisible scout. The beds are also an excellent place to launch an ambush on the enemy. I held my own for many cycles, but decepticons are tireless, and I, running low on energon, was not. Time has no meaning to an autobot in stasis, no meaning at all. Audio logs. That's all we hear about these days. Since the general evac order went round, all good cybertronians are expected to record their impressions, recollections, and insights as to how we got into this [inaudible 00:07:05] mess, for the data net, for posterity. Hah. What do I know about posterity? You want my expert opinion for your audio logs? Here it is. You see a guardian before he sees you, put out his lights. Once he knows you're there, your grease is pretty much fried.

Cliffjumper: Ancient explorers, huh? Rymas, would you look at that? Jazz, I've stumbled into some kind of ancient map room of the universe.

Jazz: Does the map point to something big and ugly named Grimlock?

Cliffjumper: Uhh, no. Jazz, you should see this place. It's beautiful.

Jazz: Oh, that's nice. Write a poem about it, and move on.

Cliffjumper: Do you suppose the ancients visited all these places? Jazz? Huh, signal cut out again.

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