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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 15 - Chapter 5

Check out part 15 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Cliffjumper: Jazz, you all right?

Jazz: Man, aren't I always?

Cliffjumper: What do you see?

Jazz: A lot of junk, but I can grapple through it pretty easy. Hold on. Hold up. Signal is really strong now. Might belong to sludge.

Cliffjumper: Sludge? Wasn't he on Grimlock's team? Why would he be down there?

Jazz: Not sure if he had a choice.

Cliffjumper: Why?

Jazz: Call it a hunch. Cliffjumper, I found Sludge.

Cliffjumper: Is he functional?

Jazz: He's pretty messed up. In a stasis lock. Probably enough energon left to tap his memory port. Bingo!

Grimlock: [inaudible 00:01:23] Sludge. Those things took us by surprise.

Slug: Grimlock, we need to call for backup. There is no backup, Slug. Optimus doesn't even know we're here.

Slug: They're back, and coming in fast! There's too many of them!

Grimlock: [inaudible 00:01:38-00:01:40].

Jazz: Cliffjumper, you catch any of that?

Cliffjumper: You mean the screaming? The horror, followed by more screaming?

Jazz: Yeah, that'd be it.

Cliffjumper: I don't mind saying, whatever could take out Grimlock and his team, I don't want to meet.

Jazz: That's unfortunate.

Cliffjumper: Why's that?

Jazz: I think I'm about to.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, you okay?

Jazz: They're everywhere, and they are ugly!

Cliffjumper: Keep on them, Jazz!

Jazz: Easy for you to say! Do not like the looks of this!

Cliffjumper: The looks of what? I can't see!

Jazz: You don't want to!

Cliffjumper: Jazz, don't be a fool! Remember what they did to Grimlock!

Jazz: I know, but I need an exit. Wait! This could be my ticket out of here.

Cliffjumper: Then blast it already, and move it!

Jazz: Oh no!

Cliffjumper: Jazz, I got toxic readings off the scale! Get out of there now!

Jazz: Can't argue with that! They're running already! I need to haul it.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, they're coming topside! I-

Jazz: Cliff? You there?

Cliffjumper: Jazz, I- Jazz!

Jazz: Must be in trouble. I've got to move! Where's my gun? Cliff?

Cliffjumper: Yes! I'm trapped.

Jazz: Get ready to move, Cliff. I'm pulling the plug!

Cliffjumper: That was close, Jazz. What now?

Jazz: Distress signal is gone. Picking up that previous energy signal.

Cliffjumper: I say we chase it.

Jazz: Time to eat some street. The signal's beyond that door.

Male 1: Access denied.

Jazz: We'll see about that.

Male 1: Access denied.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, look.

Jazz: We're late. It's filled with raw energon.

Cliffjumper: Jazz, this could be the last reservoir on the whole planet.

Jazz: Decepticons got here first.

Cliffjumper: Probably to lay dry.

Jazz: Come on, Cliffjumper. We've got to move.

Cliffjumper: Little help!

Jazz: That's quite a light show for an energon refinery. Maybe there's something more to this place.

Cliffjumper: This place goes on forever.

Jazz: Let's split off again. First one to find the exit wins.

Cliffjumper: See you on the other side.

Jazz: Cliffjumper, we've got company dropping in.

Male 2: [inaudible 00:07:30] wants those autobots found immediately. Sweep the area.

Jazz: I've been spotted!

Cliffjumper: Great. That means they'll be shooting at you, and not me.

Jazz: Hey, you're welcome. Rocket heading in! There's some new ventilation.

Male 3: I may get a better spot here. Yeah, [inaudible 00:07:36] hold still. Just need one little ship. You're barely even a ship.

Jazz: Cliffjumper, I'm surrounded. You see an exit?

Cliffjumper: I see you, and some kind of control booth nearby. Try that.

Male 3: Yeah, this is better.

Jazz: A little properly applied funk. One more on the ground. Well, hello there. That did something.

Cliffjumper: You learn anything?

Jazz: Ooh, I can make a bridge if I drop that rig, but the gears are jammed.

Cliffjumper: Figure it out, Sir Rust-a-lot.

Jazz: Hey, show some respect.

Cliffjumper: What? I said sir.

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