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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 18 - Chapter 6

Check out part 18 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Starscream: There it is! The Autobot transport carting away my energon!

Onslaught: Don't you mean "our energon", Starscream?

Starscream: Oh, of course, Onslaught! Our energon. That idiot Shockwave allowed the Autobots to steal every last drop. Luckily, I have devised a plan to steal it back.

Onslaught: You mean "we".

Starscream: Eh! Very well, Onslaught. You explain the plan.

Onslaught: Combaticons, listen up! We need to divert the transport off the main road and into a sky ambush led by Starscream. We will accomplish this by destroying the bridge in this sector. Swindle, I want you to patrol the area to deal with any Autobot scouts who would give us away.

Swindle: You bet.

Onslaught: Blast Off, Vortex! You'll need to clear a shortcut through this canyon to the bridge.

Blastoff: Sounds simple enough.

Onslaught: Brawl will follow with a drop sheet, and blast the supports to bring the bridge down.

Brawl: I like blasting stuff!

Onslaught: Once the transport changes course, we will join Starscream's ambush, and reclaim what's ours. Remember, we have limited time and energon to pull this off. Make it happen.

Starscream: Yes, make it happen, Combaticons!

Blast Off: Well, I'm inspired. Let's hit it, Vortex!

Vortex: After you, Blast Off! Blast Off! Where'd you go?

Onslaught: Vortex! This is Onslaught. Get to the bridge and destroy it, before the transport can get across.

Vortex: Roger that, Onslaught. We're on it! What is this place?

Onslaught: Range in Autobot City. That one's been here for ages.

Vortex: Reminds me of how we trashed Iacon.

Onslaught: Stay clear of those lasers!

Vortex: Ease off the throttle, Blastoff. Can't keep up.

Blast Off: [inaudible 00:02:16], Vortex. I'll flush out any trouble. You back me up. What is that thing? It's chasing me!

Vortex: That was close, Blast Off! I thought you said this place was deserted! Right! I'm ready.

Starscream: Onslaught! Why isn't that bridge destroyed yet?

Onslaught: We're working on it, Starscream. Blast Off, what's your status?

Blast Off: The Autobots must know we're coming. They keep getting in our way!

Male: Stop right there, Decepticreeps! Keep your hands where we can see 'em!

Onslaught: Hey Vortex! Use your!!

Blast Off: Scrap! They're trying to cut us off from their transport!

Onslaught: Move it, Blast Off! Do not lose that transport.

Blast Off: It's gonna be tight!

Onslaught: Vortex! We're running out of time. Get to that bridge. Now!

Vortex: I'm working on it!

Onslaught: Work faster! We need to bring that bridge down before the transport can cross it.

Vortex: [inaudible 00:04:14] Come on, that's right. Lean in!

Male 2: Where'd he go?

Vortex: Time to start busting heads. Woah! Get too much without...

Male 3: Slippery son of a gun, aren't you?

Vortex: You and this shooting gallery! One more rocket to deal with! Hold that thought!

Male Voice: Even before energon became so scarce, these ridiculously designed transport tankers devoured just about as much energon as they carried. I question the use of them to transport what energon remains from the lake, but orders are orders.

Vortex: That was a work of art. Onslaught! The transport is equipped with heavy anti-aircraft guns!

Onslaught: You hear that, Starscream? Do not attack from the air.

Starscream: [inaudible 00:07:39], Onslaught.

Vortex: Let's get this thing done! Onslaught, we've reached the bridge! It's huge! I always love to take down something that size.

Onslaught: Brawl's artillery attacks should be able to destroy the supports underneath the bridge. Get in position, and start shelling.

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