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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 29 - Chapter 11

Check out part 29 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Megatron: On your feet! Someone's trying to hack Shockwaves demalogs.

Decepticon trooper: Yes, sir.

Megatron: Go check out the main server! Make sure it's still secure. I'll lock down the main entrance. What are you waiting for?! Move!

Lights are out again. Probably another one of Shockwave's tests. I hate these new scanning systems.

Computer: Access Granted.

Megatron: It's sparking again. Let's get that fixed.

Shockwave: Memory cores are fried. Need to find some new ones.

Shine your light over here. My optics are fuzzy.

Thought I saw someone down here. Tha...It's nothing. Server's just ahead.

Hey, you hear about Starscream?

Kickback: Ha! That idiot finally got what was coming to him.

Starscream: Do tell.

Hardshell: Whoa!

Who's there?


Hey! Wha...What are you doing here?!

Starscream: I hear this is where all the idiots hang out!

Heh! According to this database, Shockwave's latest experiment is in the central tower. I can access it through the rear maintenance shaft.

Megatron will rue the day he made a fool of me. He can keep his precious army! I will build one of my own.

Shockwave's recorded voice: Lab report 1161. Experimentation continues. Effectively mesh Autobot source code with most ferocious of creatures detected on target planet. Two powerful hind legs, a heavy tail to act as a counterbalance to the longest and heaviest jaw I have seen. Splice made with Autobot soldier Gridlock for the strength harvested by rerouting power from Central Intelligence processing systems to legs, jaws and arms.

Kickback: I gave you an order, soldier!

Starscream: Ah! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Kickback: Oh, no! I need help!

Hardshell: It's Starscream! Hold on to Shockwave!

Starscream: I must silence anyone who can sound the alarm!

Hardshell: Traitor!

Starscream: I must overload Shockwave's defenses, if EMP talks to each security tower!

[Indistinct dialog 00:03:58]

Hardshell: Be right back with you, Starscream!

[indistinct dialog 00:04:20]

Hardshell: What is Starscream doing?!

[indistinct dialog 00:04:34]

Starscream: Check! The first security tower is down. Only two more to go.

Megatron: Starscream's' gone mad. Stay alert!

Sharpshot: What do you suppose he's after?

Hardshell: What is this you're doing, Starscream?!

Starscream: I must ensure that no one survives to report me!

[inaudible 00:05:40]

Megatron: You stink! I can smell you from here!

Hardshell: Is this really happening?!


Megatron: Get a better shot from over here!

Starscream: Shockwave's the best at protecting much more after that! Only one tower left.

[indistinct dialog 00:07:12]

Starscream: I see Shockwave has rebuilt that wretched tower! Let's see if [inaudible 00:08:00] just a waste of time.

Megatron: You can't run forever!

You guys are a waste of bolts and [inaudible 00:08:15]

Megatron: This should be a better angle.

You won't [inaudible 00:08:22] out of me!

Starscream: That's that! Now, I must overload the main terminal!

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